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Ms Louise Johnson

Phone 07754 920836
Email(s) louise.is.johnson@gmail.com
Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Bioresonance, Chi Gong, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Pregnancy Massage, Qigong, Shadow work, Sotai, Stress Management, Yoga
Specialisms Autism, Childbirth, Children, Neurological conditions, Pregnancy
Provide home visits No

About me

Louise Johnson BA, LicZS, FwSS 

Currently located near Glastonbury UK, holding clinic in Glastonbury, Bristol and London. Contact directly for availability.

Louise studied Zen Shiatsu between 2006-2012 under the direction of Kris Deva North, student of Mantak Chia and founder Zen School of Shiatsu in London.  The Zen School of Shiatsu was founded on the Taoist shamanic medicine principles as taught by Mantak Chia and Zen Shiatsu as taught by Shizuto Masunaga and Carola Beresford-Cooke.  More recently Louise has completed courses in Quantum Shiatsu with Nicola Ley and Gabriella Polli.  She is a Fellow of the Shiatsu Society UK (FwSS) and a member of New Energy Work.

 Since she was a teenager Louise has been practicing and researching many forms of meditation and breath work, yoga, chi-gong, energy work, shamanic journeying, shadow-work, she has incorporated plant and mineral medicine and carried out extensive meta-physical studies.  Fascinated by the potential of Quantum Medicinal practices Louise is now a student practitioner with National Centre Of Electromagnetic Therapies and is completing her required training hours as a PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), Bio-resonance Practitioner under supervision of director Kasey Phifer

Louise has practiced Shiatsu internationally, treating at healing arts fairs and festivals in England and Spain and on her travels in villages in Venesuala, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago. She then spent 7 years working at a busy clinic in Waterloo, London.  She draws on her experience of working through various modalities and knowledge of health and well-being to suppliment her shiatsu treatments with as much information as there is time for about self-care routines and practices to suit the individual.

  • ​Experience and success in working with people to ease physical symptoms related to common conditions like chronic back ache, shoulder pain, neck pain, migraines, sciatica, gentio-urinary conditions as well as more complex digestive problems such as I.B.S, Crone's Disease etc.
  • Successfully helped people to work through conditions which affect the body and mind together such as addiction, depression, insomnia and anxiety related conditions including PTSD.
  • Trained in the Wellmother Shiatsu For Birthing course with Suzanne Yates and has plenty of experience working with women through all stages of their pregnancy and post-partum.
  • Experience of using Shiatsu to positive effect for people who have been diagnosed as experiencing a wide range of mental health conditions and would like to suggest Shiatsu as a possible way to help manage the challenging reactions, anxiety and emotional responses that these conditions can present for both the individual and their loved ones.


" I focus on Shiatsu is because through dedicated focus on this very efficient modality it is possible to connect with the receiver on which ever level is most effective for them to release the underlying causes of their dis-ease" Louise

As well as a Shiatsu therapist Louise is a professional visual artist and singer and has worked for 20 years with children and young people encouraging self-expression through play and creativity.

Louise has dedicated a lot of time to working with children and young people who have been diagnosed with S.E.N.D and have/have not exhibited 'challenging behaviour', she is happy to work with families to create the most therapeutic solutions for their individual dynamics.

Professional Associations:

Fellow Of The Shiatsu Society UK

New Energy Work UK

Qualifications & Training:

Quantum Shiatsu: New Energy Work: 2021

Shiatsu for Birthing: Wellmother: 2018

Zen School Of Shiatsu: Practitioner License: 2012

Zen School Of Shiatsu: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Certificates in Zen Shiatsu: 2005-2010

THETA HEALING (tm) DNA1&2 practitioner: 2006

Middlesex University: BA Hons 2/1 Fine Art: 2001


Mental Health Awareness: Certificate: 2020

DSL: Designated Safe-Guarding Lead (paediatric): Certificate: 2020

Knowledge Book: Solar Teacher: 2015

Crystal Healing: Diploma: 2002


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