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Advertising FAQs

Are there any guidelines for advertising that Practitioners should adhere to?

The position with advertising is always under review and the Society will be updating its toolkit on this in a little while, once we have completed to platform and website transition. The Integrated Healthcare Collaborative is in discussions with ASA at present to see if the Codes can be clarified re Complementary Therapies as there are inconsistencies, and since the Society is a core member of IHC we will know about this once there is any new information. Basically, you cannot say that Shiatsu can be used for specific conditions/ailments unless you can back it up with peer-reviewed research, which is why decent research into Shiatsu continues to be essential.

I’d like to advertise my workshop to Shiatsu Practitioners – what do I do?

We offer advertising in our bi-weekly enews to practitioners and advertising in our quarterly Shiatsu Society Journal. Please contact Ruth in the office for further information about requirements and copy dates: [email protected].

Covid-19 FAQs

Where do I find the latest information on Covid-19?

Practitioners should refer to our Covid-19 guidelines in the members’ area – please note you need to login to access this link.

Education FAQs

Can you tell me more about your progression routes?

The different levels, from Associate (affiliation only) to Fellow, of membership of the Society are designed to ensure you have a membership category that suits you. Student beginners can progress to student advanced in their second year of study. On graduation from a Ratified School, full Professional Membership (MrSS) is your next step. After 5 and 10 years of MrSS membership, you can progress to a Senior (SrSS) and Fellow (FrSS).

There are protocols for lapsed and overseas members, please contact the [email protected]

How can my school become ratified?

The Ratification Process is a rolling programme of meetings, verification visits and sampling of learning outcome events. If you're already a member please log in and refer to Education/Ratification or contact the [email protected]

I’d like to learn more about becoming a Shiatsu Teacher. Where do I start?

Refer to ‘Becoming a Shiatsu Teacher’ under Education in the members area. If you do not have a formal teaching qualification, your first steps are to seek 2 teacher trainers. They will be able to support you with your Teaching Portfolio.

If you're already a member please log in and refer to Education/teacher-training or contact the [email protected]

Insurance FAQs

Am I covered as a Shiatsu Student?

Advanced Students (students in year 2 and 3 of their Shiatsu training) receive insurance within the membership fee, provided you are using techniques and protocols taught by your Shiatsu School. Beginner Students (Year 1) do not have insurance included, they are deemed to be working on family and friends in Yr1 and therefore insurance cover is not required.

Students going into Y2 and above have student insurance cover included in their membership fee as a Student Advanced (£6.50 per month) provided they are using techniques and protocols taught by their Shiatsu School, and under these conditions:

  1. students do not practice outside the scope of what they have been taught, and that regular supervision and/or ongoing case consultation and review for such case studies is in place
  2. Students are to declare to any recipient in advance that they are not qualified
  3. students may charge a fee if appropriate, provided this is allowed by the tutor or school in question and that it is a modest amount and evidently lower than an experienced and qualified professional would normally charge

Am I covered for public liability?

Public Liability insurance is included with the Society's Master policy as standard. Please see page 16 of your policy wording.

Am I covered to run group Shiatsu sessions for the general public?

The insurance provided by Shiatsu Society (UK) for all Members (including students) includes cover for you to share within a group, any practices which are part of your Shiatsu training so long as you are not issuing a certificate of competence to attendees. You are therefore insured to hold Grassroots Shiatsu Community Workshops and we encourage you to share the Practice of Shiatsu, empowering others to learn ways to maintain their own wellbeing. 

Am I still covered by insurance if my membership has lapsed?

No, if you are late paying your membership fees you will not be covered by your insurance policy during the time your membership is not active.