Practitioner Register

The Shiatsu Society is committed to promoting the professional practice of Shiatsu. We have Quality Assurance systems in place which ensure that practitioners on our Registers are properly qualified, hold professional level insurance for practice, and undertake annual Continuing Professional Development.

The Society has two Registers:

The Register of Professional Practitioners of the Shiatsu Society.  

Members on this Register have completed a 3-year training course, including knowledge and understanding of the theories and philosophies of East Asian Medicine and Shiatsu, Shiatsu techniques, anatomy, physiology and pathology, and are trained and insured to work on a range of health conditions as well as providing Shiatsu for general health and wellbeing. Practitioners have the initials MrSS (Member), SrSS (Senior Member) or FwSS (Fellow) to indicate their experience level. 

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The Listing of Bodywork for Wellbeing Practitioners. 

Members on this listing have completed a 1-year training course. They provide treatments that are based on the principles, philosophy and techniques of Shiatsu but are practised for wellbeing and are not aimed at treating problematic conditions. Their qualification may be called Certificate in Acupressure, or Certificate in Bodywork for Wellbeing. Some of these practitioners may be continuing their training in Shiatsu to become fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioners, others may have chosen to practice only at this relaxation and wellbeing enhancement level. 

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