The gentle compassionate touch of Shiatsu can be learned and practised by anyone, and shared with loved ones, as an easy and accessible form of self-care. Shiatsu based self-help practices can empower us to feel more in control of our health and life conditions. Using the simple practices we've included in our guides, or having a treatment from a professional practitioner, can help support your health. 

These resources provide tips and guidance on Shiatsu-based practices such as stretches, acupressure, breathwork and dietary suggestions. Each resource theme is specific to how we may be feeling and the support we need.  

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Why now?

We know touch is as essential to our existence as shelter, food and warmth - but given the physical restrictions of the last few years, it is likely that many of us have been left feeling ‘touch-hungry’ and in urgent need of supportive and compassionate touch. As Shiatsu Practitioners we know that without an adequate level of positive touch, people can feel lonely and depressed.

It follows that touch has arguably become a current hot topic in wellness circles. The BBC explored this with its excellent Radio 4 Anatomy of Touch and within this the Touch Test, an online study commissioned by Wellcome Collection in collaboration with BBC Radio 4. This identified nine key findings and perhaps one of the most pertinent is that “People who like interpersonal touch tend to have higher levels of well-being and lower levels of loneliness”.

Of course, this is probably nothing new in the Shiatsu world but it’s encouraging to see studies and findings on this being shared in mainstream media. The more positive touch we experience right now, the more feel-good hormones (such as oxytocin) that we can benefit from to lift mood and calm the body. Let’s not forget that touch isn’t just important for now - we each need touch, for life.

How to get involved

Let us know how you find the tips and practices we are sharing by emailing us or leaving a comment on our Facebook page. Feel free to share these resources with friends and family too!  

Thanks for helping us

We appreciate the support of everyone who has contributed to the campaign. 

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Shiatsu should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment, but can be used alongside medical treatment.

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