Daniela Coronelli

Phone 07941 841555, 01803 862653
Email(s) lifehealingarts@yahoo.co.uk
Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Qigong, Reiki, Stress Management
Specialisms Fertility, Pregnancy
Provide home visits No
Teaching status Teacher

About me

Daniela Coronelli is a Fellow member of the Society having joined in 1993.

She trained extensively in Healing and in Seiki-Shiatsu and her work is trauma sensitive.  She has studied and practiced Buddhist and Mindfulness meditation since the late 1970s and is a registered BAMBA (British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches) teacher in the UK and an Amerta psychosomatic movement facilitator. She has taught shiatsu CPD to shiatsu schools, health organizations and to privately organised groups of touch-based practitioners in the South-West.

In her Shiatsu practice she integrates the core principle of Mindfulness and compassion as well as an understanding of how somatic movement can help people to act less from limiting old patterns and find fulfilment and ease of being in their lives. She enjoys supporting and guiding people towards feeling at home in their bodies and with whom they are, freer to choose how to live well and in tune with their core values.

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Mindful and Seiki Shiatsu Practice, Daniela Coronelli Home clinic

Session information

One to one in person Mindful & Seiki-Shiatsu sessions for people who are living with stress, anxiety or are going through difficult life transitions. Also for people who identify themselves as sensitive, no matter the level of sensitivity or the reason.
Parking is available

Session information