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About me

For most of my adult life I have explored our healing potential, weaving together my background in science, yoga, spirituality and the body. Shiatsu touched my soul and introduced me to a path of healing, self discovery, purpose and friendship.

My interest in shiatsu began in 1987 whilst working as a Molecular Biologist. I trained with the British School of Shiatsu-Do, Nottingham and London 1994-98 and the same year joined the register of the Shiatsu Society UK and took over as Principal and Director of the Nottingham branch of the BSS (1998 - 2004).  I remain open and curious to the various evolving expressions of shiatsu style and I have had the fortune to study with many inspirational teachers. The main influence behind my work has been Saul Goodman, founder of ShinTai, an evolution of shiatsu and today I teach shiatsu and ShinTai in the UK, Europe and online, mentor practitioners and run a busy shiatsu practice in Nottingham.

My passion is to support people to connect with the body's innate wisdom and discover the fullest, most vibrant expression of themselves - in health, creativity, purpose and passion. Empowering them to make a difference in their own lives, those around them and in the world.  I have come to know these people as the “Gentle Warriors”, who dream of a better world, here to create the New Earth.  I enjoy exploring new paradigms of shiatsu and multidimensional healing  and am excited by the possibilities emerging in this ever evolving healing art.