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Shiatsu space with Lindsay
Lindsay Franklin MrSS
Yorkshire & Humber
Janet Nolan FwSS
England, North-west England
Tania Noble FwSS
England, East Midlands, South-east England
Tabather Shiatsu Practitioner
Tabather Bessey FwSS
South-west England, South-east England
A picture of David doing Shiatsu
David Scott MrSS
England, South-west England
Kevin Haria MrSS
England, London
Yumiko Kamijo SrSS
England, London
Jane Lyons in hat,  looking happy!
Jane Lyons FwSS
England, London
Emma Comfort MrSS
England, South-west England
Donna Armstrong FwSS
England, South-west England
Pascale MN Chaillet MrSS
robert photo
Robert Neagu MrSS
England, North-east England, Yorkshire & Humber, London
Wei Felber SrSS
England, London
Ashley Styring MrSS
East of England
Nigel Cordwell
Nigel Cordwell MrSS
Isle of Man
Shiatsu Massage Practitioner @ Shiatsu Space
Edwina Cheng FwSS
South-east England, London
Andrea Duncan FwSS
England, East Midlands
Pauline McWilliams MrSS
Gabi Irvine
Gabriela Irvine MrSS
Julie Weeks FwSS
Displaying 1 - 20 of 428 Practitioners