Spomenka in her practice space

Ms Spomenka Chekerevatz Fellow (FwSS)

Phone 01766770620, 01766770620
Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Counselling, Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychology
Provide home visits No

About me

Spomenka Chekerevatz has been a member of the Shiatsu Society since May 1997

I came to Britain in 1988 to study Shiatsu with Sonia Moriceau Sensei. She studied Shiatsu with the Japanese master Wataru Ohashi, who was in turn the most prominent student of the famous Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of Zen Shiatsu.

In 1988 I also started studying Buddhism and meditation with John Garrie Roshi, and remained his student  until his death in 1998.

Since 2001 my Buddhist teacher has been Lama Shenpen Hookham of the Awakened Heart Sangha, where I am also a teacher in training. Within that community I am known by my Tibetan name of Pema Ozer (Lotus Light).

Study of psychology, Buddhism and meditation greatly influence my work as a Shiatsu practitioner. My other significant influences include Process Work and Nonviolent Communication.

I have been extremely fortunate, over the years, to meet many good teachers, and some exceptional ones. I have tried, and am still trying, to put into practice what they taught me.

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Shiatsu in the Mountains

Session information


9am —6pm

Tuesday 9am —6pm

Wednesday 9am —6pm

Thursday 9am —6pm

Friday 9am —6pm

Saturday 10am —2pm

An introductory session lasts for up to 1 and a half hour and starts with an in-depth consultation.

A standard Shiatsu session normally lasts 50 – 60 minutes, including a brief resting and feedback time at the end.

A long Shiatsu session (for people who require a significant amount of talking – reflection and guidance) lasts 95 – 105 minutes.

To get the full benefit of the Shiatsu body work I offer, it is best to come for a series of weekly sessions – especially in the beginning. This will allow us to work on different aspects of one’s energetic system – network of meridians – and it will also allow integration of changes and insights gained in the sessions into the whole of one’s life.

Introductory session, 1 hour 15 min, £60

Standard session, 1 hour, £50

Extended session (to include extra time for counselling), 1 hour 30 min, £70

Four standard sessions booked and paid in advance £180

Four extended sessions, ditto, £260