Tanja Bastia


I am a Holistic Acupressure and Zen Shiatsu practitioner. I came to Shiatsu over ten years ago during a difficult period in my life and fell in love with the healing potential of Shiatsu. It has helped me deal with stress, depression and anxiety. I decided to start training in Shiatsu to be able to offer it to others in the hope that they benefit from it at least as much as I have.  

I practice in Macclesfield and Manchester and have been registered with the Shiatsu Society since 2018.

Besides Shiatsu, I have also been practicing yoga since my teen years and meditation for over ten years. I am also a writer and a researcher working on social inequalities and migration in Latin America.


Tanja Bastia. BA(Hons), MA, PhD, MRSS

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/tanjashiatsu

Mobile: 07949955279

Email: [email protected]