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Meet Corrinna Bain, founder of Rest and Renew

Hi and welcome. 

I see Shiatsu as a nourishing means to befriend our own bodies and reconnect to ourselves with compassion and a deeper sense of our wholeness in life. Shiatsu has really helped me to tune into my own body much more. It supports me in learning ways to move from a place of stuckness and autopilot in my head to one of feeling grounded, present and more open to life’s opportunities. 

I came to shiatsu through a really stressful time at work that was pushing me well past my limits. I loved how Shiatsu made me feel, opening me up to being more confident, calm and connected. Intuition led me to becoming a practitioner and I trained with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu.

As a Shiatsu practitioner and group facilitator in Glasgow, I feel energised working in my private practice as well as in diverse community and work settings. I love working with people from all walks of life doing one to one sessions, groups through my Zest for Life do-it-yourself shiatsu sessions, and workshops. I feel inspired when people reconnect to their vitality and rediscover their own sense of agency through being in touch with their bodies in a gentle and nurturing way. 

A current area that I am excited about is creating workshops and group sessions with women and the key transition of moving through menopause. I personally went through menopause early in my life with little support and understanding at the time. I meet women now going through this phase in life sometimes feeling lost and overwhelmed. I will be using Shiatsu and East Asian Medicine practices and tools as an effective and connecting way through menopause.  

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Corrinna Bain: MRSS, BSc (Hons) Physiology
Mobile: 07928 137 359