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Shiatsu for friends & family can be learned in short courses with no experience necessary

Schools and individual teachers throughout the UK offer these courses which can run from one weekend to a more intensive 6 month introduction. Basic Shiatsu can provide a hands-on, opportunity to help support your friends and family. Giving Shiatsu is a gift to both yourself and to others.

Short Classes and Workshops

Shiatsu Practice Group in Sidcup

South-east London / Kent

DA15 9DN

The group is for Shiatsu practitioners and students

Every meeting has a topic for exploration

Vegetarian lunch and hot drinks are provided

Every second Tuesday of the month


Contribution £30

Find out more by contacting Snezhana Stoeva on:  

+44 7407 070481



SUNDAY APRIL 21ST 10am to 5pm

Near Penzance, Cornwall

£80 including soup for lunch

One of the many things I love about Shiatsu is that we can train for three years to be qualified to work as a practitioner but in a day we can also learn effective and simple techniques to give to our friends and family. This workshop is mainly practical and you will leave with an understanding of the basic principles of Shiatsu and the ability to give an enjoyable back treatment. 

Bookings can be made on for more information [email protected] 



June 15th & 16th 2024 Near Penzance

Near Penzance, Cornwall

The Five Element theory, together with Yin and Yang, provides the basis of many Chinese systems and is one of the main pillars of East Asian medicine.

Over this weekend we will learn the theory of the meridians which relate to the Fire Element and learn how to treat them with Shiatsu. We will also explore self shiatsu through acupressure, relevant movement, meridian stretches and chi gong.

The Seasonal wisdom of this phase and how we can support and balance the Fire element within us on all four levels (physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual) is valuable wisdom and easily learnt and applied.


Bookings can be made on 
For more information [email protected]


Shiatsu College Manchester

Introduction to Shiatsu and Acupressure

21st and 22nd September 2024

Learn the fundamentals of Shiatsu, and a routine to practise on family and friends!
Find out more about shiatsu and acupressure. This weekend forms the first part of the one-year Holistic Acupressure course, and the three-year Shiatsu Diploma.

We offer a welcoming, inclusive learning environment with experienced teachers and an excellent staff-student ratio.

Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 10.30 - 5.30

Bodywise Natural Health Centre, Turner Street, M4 1DZ (Manchester City Centre)
Cost £180
Contact Hannah to book, [email protected], 07762 821364


Grassroots Shiatsu Workshops
The Shiatsu College Brighton 2024
Various Saturday Mornings 10am – 1pm. Dates below.

11 May: Holding the Session
08 June: Listening & Following
06 July: Clarity, Comfort & Confidence

Welcome to the Shiatsu College Brighton. 

‘Grassroots’ is on every Saturday of The College’s eleven weekends that run throughout the academic year. ‘Blend in’ with the current Shiatsu and Acupressure students; where we are always pleased to see new faces and old friends. 

Grassroots’ Saturday morning workshops: Energy and meditative exercises. Shiatsu techniques and theories. Deep and meaningful self-healing & sharing hands on bodywork, always taught with joy and laughter. Different themes each time. Fee £24.00. No experience needed.

Previous students or practising Shiatsu therapists are welcome to stay for the whole day, gaining more support & CPD input. Fee: £60.00 10am – 5.30pm.

For all College Activities. Please wear loose, comfortable, well covering plain clothes & clean socks. Feel free to change when you arrive to feel fresh (we move around a lot). Bring a light lunch; if you are staying for a full days’ course. (Food shops are only 5 mins away.) Teas, Coffee & Snacks are provided for breaks. Doors open at 9.30am to settle in, have a drink, say hi and sign in. Please make contact with any specific questions.

Contact Us to book your place at: [email protected]

Check out our website for other courses:

Head of Branch Claire Gilliver:  07951 170637

Location for all these activities: The Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre, Southwick Recreational Ground, Croft Avenue, Southwick, West Sussex, BN42 4AB.

Train from Brighton Station to Southwick Station is approximately 12 mins. Then walk to the Centre, situated in the park, approximately 7 mins. (average walking time). Plenty of free Parking. Buses run from Brighton also.


Adam Hellinger, FwSS

East meets West
13th-14th April 2024
Times 10.00-17.00 both days

A practical workshop exploring how two of the fundamental concepts of Classical Chinese medicine:Jing and Shen manifest and interact in our awareness and physical Shiatsu practice. 

Fees: Early enrolment is £170 for both days and individual days £85 before March 1st. 
Thereafter £200 for both days and £100 for individual days.

It is possible to attend just one day.

LSC studios
Unit 1-2 Leeds Place
N4 3RF

Over 2 days with the Saturday more focused on Chi Kung with the principles of Yi Chuan and standing Zhan Zhuang. The Sunday will be more bodywork/Shiatsu oriented.

Both days will be focus on developing our awareness and presence in relation to the concepts of Jing and Shen from Classical Chinese Medicine.

The workshop will include: 

  • Theory, concept and philosophy of Jing and Shen from a Classical Chinese perspective and how these manifest in our daily lives.
  • Practical exercises and approaches to develop and work with these concepts.
  • Relating these concepts to our daily lives and practices.
  • How our awareness and interaction both with ourselves and others are both created and enhanced by these concepts.

Shen is mainly translated as ‘spirit', in Chinese medicine and culture - this is seen as a very important aspect of human development and interaction with both ourselves and nature.

Jing is mainly translated as ‘essence’ the refined manifestation of ourselves as humans and our potential with our lives.

How Jing and Shen manifest and the concepts behind them, and importantly their interactions will be the core of this workshop.

“When you go to a concert, if the conductor is full of (and with their) Jing Shen, then everybody will be playing their instruments and the audience will be seized by 

a common spirit and elation in their minds…you will feel the music with your body, mind and spirit…it is so well organised that it flows and flourishes.”

Claude Larre.

"The sage rests. Resting then results in balance and ease. Tranquil, ease, balance and seeming indifference means that worries and problems are unable to enter.

For these reasons the sage's (wise man) virtue and power is complete and the Shen is/are not lost."

Zhuan Ghi

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