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Looking for a career change? Interested in health, healing and body work?

Shiatsu is the ideal career for someone with a passion for natural therapies and an interest in East Asian philosophy and medicine. With a growing need for self-care and wellbeing in our fast-paced world, Shiatsu is an ideal choice as you gain the fulfilment of helping others in your local community and the flexibility of running your own business and setting your own hours. 

The Diploma in Shiatsu is great if you are interested in training to become a Professional or are an existing therapist looking to add to your portfolio. Studying Shiatsu is flexible, our 3-year part-time diploma allows you to continue to work whilst studying, managing family and other life commitments as you change careers. 

The Shiatsu Society works closely with Shiatsu schools across the UK to provide the highest standards of training and education. The schools offer exceptional training and flexibility, allowing you to work at your own pace as you explore this rich and transformative career choice.

Here are just a few of the transformative benefits: 

"Training leads to a new career but also provides many transferable skills"

"The training has not only developed and supported my skills as a practitioner, but have given me great insights and moments of transformation in my life"

"I am able to listen without judgement"

"I feel grounded"

"I feel confident and relaxed in professional settings"

As a graduate you become eligible to join the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and other bodies accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. A Ratified Shiatsu School signifies that the Shiatsu Society has conducted quality assurance and you can be assured of a high-quality training programme.

What are the Benefits of Studying Shiatsu? 

  • Hugely fulfilling helping others 
  • Working your own hours and running your own business
  • Satisfaction of helping people and working in an environment that means you’ll be working with a cross section of society and have the potential to be at the heart of your local community
  • No two days or treatments are the same, this gives you the opportunity to provide true holistic and person-focused care
  • Opportunity to work in cooperation with professionals of other disciplines as well as other Shiatsu professionals

What topics will I cover in training and how long does training take?

Often you will be able to study an introductory weekend and progress seamlessly to a Shiatsu Diploma. Many courses are progressive, allowing you to study at a pace that suits you. 

The Diploma takes 3 years part-time to complete, the equivalent of 500 hours of class contact time with further home study required. Over this period you acquire a rich depth of knowledge spanning everything from Shiatsu technique and touch sensitivity, knowledge of Acupoints and meridian pathways, to Anatomy & Physiology, and communication skills. 

Courses, approach, dates and approaches to training differ so it’s useful to check out our School register to see which school and syllabus appeals to you. 


Find a Ratified School

When choosing a Ratified Shiatsu School, you can be assured that your training has undergone both internal and external quality control.