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Miss Cassie Osborne Professional (MrSS)

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About me

I have been a member of the Shiatsu Society since 2016 and gained MRSS status in 2019 after completing a Shiatsu Diploma course at the Bristol School of Shiatsu in 2018. I trained with Keith Phillips who offers a humanistic, heart centered approach to Shiatsu, focusing on the relational aspect of the therapy alongside the five element framework, creating transformational dialogue. I enjoy working with ancient knowledge combined with nourishing touch and dynamic bodywork to sooth and support clients. I work with new and expectant mothers both pre and post natal, support men and women with their physical and mental health, help people with work related stress and tension, and those experiencing grief from loss and heart break.

Cassie is a highly trained and professional Shiatsu Practitioner she has a skillful way of combining her knowledge of the body, and innate listening that encourages a deep dialogue to occur with clients. This way you can feel held and guided to move into your own authentic personal growth and healing. Cassie strongly believes in creating a safe environment full of integrity and responds to what unfolds in the moment so that the whole of your process can be supported. An invitation to move, rest, make sound, or feel an emotion is given time and space so that it can be heard, soothed, comforted, witnessed or released. During a hands-on treatment depth of pressure can be gentle or strong. More recently her area of interest is in helping those with work related stress, pain, burn out, and those experiencing accumulative health conditions caused from prolonged isolation. 

Below are testimonies by clients who committed to a set of weekly sessions  

"My treatments with Cassie were really great! Not only did she significantly help to improve a stomach problem I had suffered from for 9 months but I generally felt more in my body and a greater sense of wellbeing".

"The sessions I have received have been excellent . I suffered from neck pains which have been resolved. I have also experienced an improvement in my emotions after her shiatsu treatment .I find her intuitive approach very healing, really helping me heal and connect with deep emotions. When I leave I feel energised and uplifted".