Mr Oliver Cliff Professional (MrSS)

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Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Psychology, Qigong, Reiki, Shamanism
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About me

Combining my understanding of Shiatsu and psychology allows me to help my clients on both a physical and psychological basis promoting all round, health, healing and well-being. My specialism is in fast tracking recovery from physical and emotional issues, I have success in helping people with long term chronic pain, back, hip, shoulder and neck complaints as well as in phobias, anxiety and depression. I have a deeply personal understanding for the need of bodywork and the impact injury can have on mind and body, having been involved in a serious motorbike crash in 2013.  By 2017 I weighed 18 stone, had a chronic back issue, flexibility issues and was dependent on prescription medication to control my pain. I couldn't physically or mentally go on like that so decided to make a change. I started working on myself daily and over 18 months regained my pre-crash health, came off all prescription pain medication, lost weight and was well enough to practice Shiatsu again.

I have learned countless lessons whilst working on my own rehabilitation journey that allow me to offer a unique and transformational approach to health and inner wisdom, which can benefit all who are interested in participating and recovering from their illness and staying well.

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