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Join us this June in celebrating Shiatsu Awareness Month

Our SAM bursary has been successfully delivered for a second year. Designed to support members in running their own activities in June - #ShiatsuAwarenessMonth - the bursary funds have been fully allocated. 

The response has been enormously positive, our bursary closed early as we received a fantastic response from our practitioners. Shiatsu awareness month in June is a brilliant opportunity for us to work with Shiatsu practitioners across the UK to raise awareness of the wonderful benefits of Shiatsu. There are so many incredible activities happening, we are delighted to support these and show how Shiatsu can support everyone, young or old, in body and mind. 

Here are some examples of how the bursary will be put to good use:

For a stall at a business fair

Design and print leaflets on the benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu Open Day- free treatments for the public

Offering seated Shiatsu for staff at a maternity unit 

Raise awareness of Shiatsu & promote taster sessions

Writing about Shiatsu

Business cards and flyers

Discounted Shiatsu sessions

Shiatsu stall at a Community Health Fair 

A Grassroots Shiatsu workshop for the local community

An Introduction to Shiatsu session

A talk about Shiatsu followed by a taster session

Shiatsu Centre open day.

Renting a space and for a wellbeing event.

For printing of flyers for my practice

Subsided Shiatsu treatments

Banner and posters

An online session for burned out creatives 

Free self- Shiatsu and qigong sessions

Flyers to promote treatments for month

Workshop In raising awareness of self-Shiatsu for self-regulation and self-love in local community

Marketing + travel for workshops

Shiatsu awareness workshop and session

Open day at my local library offering Shiatsu to the community.

Supporting low income treatments

Public Shiatsu event in/for my local community, especially addressing the needs of senior citizens and adverse health effects of loneliness & social isolation.

Who we are

Established in 1981, the Shiatsu Society is the UK's leading professional association for Shiatsu practitioners. We also act as an information hub for the public; providing information on the benefits of Shiatsu, how to contact a Registered Practitioner and where to train in Shiatsu.

Our mission is to establish Shiatsu as an officially recognised therapy and to have our members acknowledged as essential healthcare workers in the promotion of positive health and well-being. Our Shiatsu Awareness Month bursary is one of the ways we support our members and promote the many benefits of Shiatsu. 

June is #ShiatsuAwarenessMonth

Join us in celebrating Shiatsu across the UK and Europe