Shiatsu Awareness Month

Join us this June in celebrating Shiatsu Awareness Month

In March we launched the SAM Bursary, designed to support members in running their own activities to raise awareness of the wonderful benefits of Shiatsu. 

We've had some great applications so far, here are a few examples of how the bursary is being put to good use: 

Hiring space for an awareness session

To buy Shiatsu Society branded clothing

Travelling to give talks about the Shiatsu

Subsidising low income community Shiatsu treatments

Print flyers to promote my practice and buy some new books about shiatsu and selfcare

Flyers, posters and a window display

A community class/event, maybe with other local practitioners

Renting a space in the local town hall which has access for all facilities.

2 talks on Shiatsu with refreshments

Stalls at a local event, promoting Shiatsu

Venue hire and poster printing for a Shiatsu taster day

Workshop In raising awareness of self-Shiatsu for self-regulation and self-love in local community

Free Shiatsu class

Running a grassroots Shiatsu session

Do you have an idea of how to raise awareness about Shiatsu? Shiatsu Society MrSS SrSS, FwSS Members can apply for the bursary. Closing date is the end of April, so don't delay!

Apply for the SAM Bursary


Apply for the SAM Bursary

Available in the Members' area, the application takes no longer than 5 minutes.
Bursary closes end of April.