Adrian Cox

Being a Zen Shiatsu practitioner based in London, I continually feel grateful to be able to support people where needed and also for allowing me to share the space with them energetically.  

The versatile, holistic embodiment of Shiatsu makes it possible for practitioners to meet clients at the level that they require in each session. This is at the heart of my mission statement, which reflects my passion and intentions.


Mission Statement


My goal is to transform lives through this bodywork therapy and alleviate or eliminate pain and stress in people with the compassionate use of Zen Shiatsu, providing a better quality of life.


For me to provide treatments that clients can benefit from, I enjoy doing practices' that contribute to my health and, in turn, the receiver’s health. This would include meditation, Qi Gong, using complementary principles found in Daoyin, and hand techniques from the Yin Style Bagua bodywork system. 

When it is required, I also incorporate dry cupping or moxa into the treatment.

Before starting my journey into Zen Shiatsu, I began my training in a martial art called Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors Kung Fu over 20 years ago, reaching 2nd degree black belt instructor level under the tutelage of Master Han Jin Yuan. This paved the way for my transition into the healing arts, where I could dedicate myself to restoring and empowering others.

The experience I gained in Shaolin Five Ancestors deepened my self-awareness and honed my ability to observe and understand the nuances of the human body. This transferable skill has become an integral part of my Zen Shiatsu practise.

In 2019, I attained my Zen Shiatsu Diploma at the London College of Shiatsu.

I feel blessed to have been taught by Nik Kyriacou and Veronica Howard, as they walked me through the wonderful world of Zen Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). And I continue to meet inspiring, gifted teachers in this modality.

I am a Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society (MrSS) and a member of the Complementary Natural Health Care Council (CNHC). 

If you would like to book an appointment or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can join my newsletter. 


Contact details: Adrian Cox, MrSS, CNHC

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