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Provide home visits No

About me

My goal is to transform lives through this bodywork therapy and alleviate or eliminate pain and illness from individuals, with the compassionate use of Zen Shiatsu, achieving a better quality of life.

I am a qualified Zen Shiatsu practitioner in Ealing, West London. Before I began my journey into becoming a Shiatsu therapist, I practised a martial art called Southern Shaolin, Five Ancestors Kung Fu, for 20 years. Many of the techniques in that system have been helpful with my transition into Shiatsu, in areas like noticing subtle changes in breathing, temperature and small movements in the client. These subtle changes gives the practitioner an indication of how the treatment is developing.

Prone Position Deep Supine Stretch

Session information

Monday 9am —8pm

Tuesday 9am —8pm

Wednesday 7pm —9pm

Thursday 7pm —9pm

Friday 7pm —9pm

Saturday 10am —6pm

Sunday 10am —6pm

The initial session is 90 minutes. This is because there is a consultation before the treatment, this could take 20-30mins. It will provide me with information, that could be helpful for the session.
The follow up sessions are 60 minutes. This can booked on it's own, but a 90 minute session is recommended first.
The quick visit for a 30 minute treatment, might be just what you need to rejuvenate or to wind down.

The room has air purifier, that filters the air in the room every 12 minutes. It is fitted with a Hepa filter, that captures particles down to 0.1 microns. So clearing the room of most pollutants.
Initial Session - 90mins - £70
Follow Up - 60mins - £60
Quick visit - 30mins - £35
Shiatsu Mat

Shiatsu Mat

Prone Position

Prone Position