CPD Guidance

CPD Guidance

CPD is an essential part of being a professional practitioner and has been defined as “a range of learning activities through which professionals grow and develop throughout their careers to ensure that they retain their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice” - (Health Professions Council).

We want journalling CPD to be an inspiring, engaging, and worthwhile aspect to our professional lives, and one which gives us the opportunity to reflect upon what we have discovered through our activities and how they have contributed to our professional development. Reviewing past and planning future CPD also allows us to take time to focus on our own development and shape what we want to do and learn in the future.

CPD does not have to be expensive or onerous – most of us are doing it all the time by reading, listening to podcasts, talking with colleagues, journalling on treatments given and received, and so on. Have a look at the examples below to give you some ideas.

The online facility has given the Society an opportunity to change how we review our CPD. Instead of some members being audited, now everyone will record their CPD on the new system and the Society will be able to check easily that everyone is fulfilling that essential responsibility of all Professional members.  If you are having problems uploading your information, the admin team will be happy to help you - [email protected]

Please read the FAQs below, then log in to your CPD pages to start recording all the activities you have been doing. The new system is easy to use and you only have to complete 15 hours within your membership year.



CPD - Who has to do it?

All Professional Members (MrSS, SrSS and FwSS) and also Associates who have completed a Yr1 Certificate and are on the SSUK Register of Wellbeing Practitioners.

How do I add a new activity into my CPD journal

A short video showing you how to add a new activity to your CPD journal.

Please turn on your sound to follow along to the audio descriptions.

This recording is 6min & 41sec long

How do I keep a tally of how many hours of CPD I’ve done and in which category of activity?

All of the categories appear as options in the online menus when you log in to your CPD page, all you need to do is tick the relevant box, record how much time you spent on that activity and note how you felt it contributed to your practice. The system will automatically tell you how many hours out of your total 15 required you have completed and how many to go for this year. CPD runs alongside your membership year - this is noted on you CPD activity page.

How many hours do I have to do annually?

15 hours of activities, taken from more than one of the 4 main categories.  These can be spread over your membership year.

How to download a list of your CPD activities?

  • Tick the box on the left of the activities you wish to download & click the 'Apply to selected items' button to create a PDF.
  • Note: that your attachments will appear as links within the download, they are listed as private files which will require you to login to view them.

How to download a single CPD record?

  • From the My CPD, on the activity you want to print off, click edit (far right of the screen)
  • You are now on the edit form of your activity, click the tab "View" in the top left corner
  • Click the "save this page as a PDF file"
  • The file will download to your computer
  • Note: that your attachments will appear as links within the download, they are listed as private files which will require you to login to view them.

How will the Society check if I have logged any CPD

There is some clever programming in the back of the website which enables the admin team to review your CPD hours – so we can encourage you to get involved in some activities if you are not on track to complete 15 hours within your membership year. We will do a rolling programme of checks so that everyone’s CPD is looked at during the year.

I can’t afford to do any CPD courses at the moment

That is not a problem. The Informal Learning category enables you to count activities like reading books or articles, discussions with colleagues, journaling on treatments given and received.

Is it Essential that I log CPD?

It is essential that professional members log CPD  

  • A minimum of 15 hours must be logged each year.   
  • CPD does not have to be expensive or onerous – most of us are doing it all the time by reading, listening to podcasts, talking with colleagues, journaling on treatments given and received, and so on. Have a look at our free CPD resources for some ideas. 
  • If CPD requirements are not met for 2.9 years the Shiatsu Society will unfortunately need to downgrade your membership to Associate Membership.

Is there a storage facility for my CPD course certificates?

There is an upload facility if you have any CPD certificates or photos of your activities. These will be kept on the system for 2 years only, so make sure you also keep an external back up - and remember you can download your entire CPD records - as a listing or individually.

I’m a registrant with the CNHC, can my Shiatsu CPD count towards the CPD I must do for them?

If you are a CNHC registrant, you can use your Shiatsu CPD for CNHC CPD purposes since the two systems are similar. You can download your entire Shiatsu record as a PDF (or indvidually) to help you complete the CNHC form.

I’m a Teacher, do I have to do special CPD for Teachers?

Yes. If you are a registered Teacher, you should complete at least 3 hours of teacher specific CDP – this could comprise attending Teachers’ meetings, developing a new course or teaching skill, reading books on teaching and learning.

I’m a Yr3 student with a Yr1 Certificate, do I have to do CPD?

No. You do not need to record any CPD; your Shiatsu course is your current training and development.

I’m an Associate but I’m not practising, do I have to do CPD?

No. Only Associates who are on the Register of Wellbeing Practitioners need do CPD.

I’m really not good at doing things on the computer. Can anyone help me to log my CPD?

We have made the system as user-friendly and simple as possible, but the admin team is always happy to help you if you are finding it difficult to start with. Please drop us an email at [email protected]

What are the new categories and why have you changed them?

In our previous CPD system there were 14 categories and we felt this was too complicated. The 4 new broad areas are:

 – Remember, you must include activities from more than one category.

  1. Informal Learning: Any activity which encourages you to reflect on your practice.
    Examples: Peer exchange session then discussion & reflection, reading books / online articles, answering CPD questions in the Shiatsu Journal, an audit of your own Shiatsu practice.
  2. Promotion of Shiatsu in the Community: Any activity which enhances the public profile of Shiatsu.
    Examples: running Grassroots Shiatsu classes, Shiatsu Awareness Month activities, health fairs, public demonstrations, community projects, work in care homes or hospices.
  3. Contribution to the Professionalisation of Shiatsu: Any activity which enhances the professional standing of Shiatsu within or external to the profession.
    Examples: conducting research and publishing research papers, writing books / articles, participating in Shiatsu Society committees / projects, liaison with other complementary & natural healthcare organisations, promoting professional practitioner standards and Quality Assurance in regard to Shiatsu.
  4. CPD led courses & Professional Skill Development: More formal learning activities.
    Examples: attending CPD courses (Shiatsu based or relevant to healthcare), having a one-to-one tutorial with a Teacher or experienced practitioner, developing marketing or other relevant professional skills, attending a conference.

What CPD information do I need to keep?

CPD of 15 hours per year is mandatory for all Professional Members of the Shiatsu Society, whilst we are in the second phase of developing the website we recommend you keep your own person record of your CPD activities. You can think about these activities in four main categories;

  • Informal Learning
  • CPD led courses / Professional Skills Development
  • Promotion of Shiatsu in the Community
  • Contribution to the Professionalisation of Shiatsu

What kind of CPD should I do?

The only person who knows what is relevant to your practice and development, is you.

Planning CPD gives you the opportunity to look at the direction you want to take your practice, and then journaling about it on the CPD pages allows you to review the value in what you did. Even if you didn’t find the activity useful, that in itself is worth recording and why. Hopefully your CPD activities will be inspiring and will expand your professional practice in meaningful ways.