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Online self-shiatsu supervision and/or Distance Qi Gong Therapy & Shiatsu Healing
REMOTE treatment options: Connect to feel better with Self-Shiatsu Supervision online consultation sessions or Distance Qi Gong Therapy & Shiatsu Healing

Self Shiatsu supervision includes a range of support for your wellbeing.
The aims include distinguishing unhelpful factors contributing to your symptoms or the difficulty you are currently experiencing.
We can then unpick locks, release blocks and turnaround problems to solutions.

Discussion may include personal transformation (breakthrough thinking) coaching; healthy eating & lifestyle suggestions.
Activities may include guided movement for body-mind-spirit energy support; supervised exercises for joint freedom and balance; visualisation for your inner awareness of your body and being; breath work or guided relaxation.

Distance Qi Gong Therapy & Shiatsu Healing
Menu options include connecting with your physical energy clearing and retrieval; activation of chakra ascension codes; DNA clean up; intuitively received images, energy qualities such as colours, or messages from the infinite/eternal/universal energy field brought through specifically to support you.