Shiatsu Without Borders

Shiatsu Without Borders runs for the whole month of June and is initiated by the European Shiatsu Federation (ESF). 

Shiatsu Without Borders means several things:

Partly it means that we are gradually spreading our Shiatsu community across borders of all kinds and steadily coming together, seeing our common skills and recognising global sister- and brotherhood. It also means that Shiatsu is now beginning to transcend its old boundaries and assume a higher profile out in the world. Thus: Shiatsu as social change.

The skill sets that Shiatsu practitioners possess are unique in the world. Our combination of knowledge and sensitivity, endurance over time and presence in the moment - nowhere else is this visible in the world.

It's time to stand up and be counted.

Seize this opportunity during the month of June to ride the wave and surf your very own mini or maxi project into the public eye.

It could be a lecture, a demonstration, giving public shiatsu in your town square, visiting a primary school, holding one-off classes, getting in touch with local media outlets... whatever piques your interest and fires your fantasy - just do it!

As you do it, capture some of the atmosphere on camera, on film and in words.

Send us those pictures, films and words and we will spread them for you.

Use this email address: [email protected]

For more context:

Join the Discussion: June 12th 18.30 GMT

The ESF has arranged a four-way discussion event with some of our currently brightest stars: Patrizia Stefanini, Nilsa Eberhart, Diego Sanchez and Mihael "Everything Shiatsu" Mamychshvili.

Chris McAlister will moderate the discussion and attempt to keep the timing as even and concise as possible between these four ebullient and eloquent spirits.

This event will be on Sunday, June 12th, in the middle of the Shiatsu Without Borders month and will coincide precisely with International Shiatsu day.

We will be on zoom but also live on Facebook, so that everyone can join the streaming.

Date: June 12

Time: 18.30 GMT