Scottish Government Survey

For Scottish members, the Scottish Government has been in touch with the Shiatsu Society, as one of its stakeholders, asking businesses (i.e. professional practitioners) to help shape Scottish Government long term guidance on future workplace adaptations to health risks like Covid-19. This is our opportunity to influence Scottish Government policy and to have our say as therapists who are part of the economy and whose livelihoods were affected during the recent restrictions. If you are a practitioner resident in Scotland, please continue to read and complete the survey. 

The Scottish Government Strategic Framework was updated in February 2022. This represented a change of direction in government policy as we move to an approach in which we learn and adapt to life with Covid-19.

The Strategic Framework update placed an emphasis on continuing to develop business adaptations and explore potential adaptations in premises throughout the economy – ensuring Scotland is more resilient to Covid-19 and possible future public health risks. Therefore, The Scottish Government will aim to publish specific guidance on adaptations for businesses, which will help support the economy to live safely with Covid-19 in the medium to long term.

We want businesses to help shape the Scottish Government’s long-term guidance so would be grateful if you could take 15 minutes to complete our COVID-19 Adaptations Survey by Thursday 28th April 2022, 5:00 pm.

The survey will be used to collate information on possible workplace adaptations and help inform further stakeholder engagement via workshops.

If you have any issues with the survey, would like to know more, or to register your interest to attend a workshop please email [email protected].