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About me

Virginia Hill FwSS,  I discovered Shiatsu when working as a ski instructor in Andorra about 30 years ago. In 2004 I started my shiatsu journey in Glasgow School of Shiatsu where I had the privilege of having  Elaine Liechti  ,Vicky Smyth and Liz Arundel as my teachers. Weekend courses in Newcastle with Cliff Andrews was my awakening to discover and learning about distal points. I am lucky to work on something I love - Energy! I am fascinated by it. How it flows through the body and how it gets stuck or tangled. I compare the body with a musical instrument and a shiatsu treatment is equivalent to tuning that instrument. I also have a qualification on Myofascial techniques which I use when necessary in my treatments. I worked from home for many years and with the pandemic I moved to a studio at The Yoga Extension, at 5 Newton Terrace Ln Glasgow G3 7PB 

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