Terésa Hadland - Shiatsu Therapist and Teacher

Ms Teresa Hadland Fellow (FwSS)

Phone 07746780746
Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Chi Gong, Meditation, Qigong, Yoga
Provide home visits No
Teaching status Teacher

About me

I started my Shiatsu studies in 1980 when a university student.  Then receiving Shiatsu helped me recover from a serious illness and then set me on course to train as a therapist myself.  I studied in Japan and Australia and then with Sonia Moriceau and Healing Shiatsu in the UK.  I set up as a practitioner in 1988.  I subsequently became a Shiatsu teacher in 1998 and have been practising and teaching ever since.  

Over the years, I have added an understanding of Western Anatomy and Physiology to my orthodox Shiatsu training and so provide a bridge between the Eastern and Western approaches to the body.  My approach is to involve the client as much as possible in his/her own healing, to help him/her to understand what is going on and what he/she can do, alongside what I do, to help themselves.  This empowers and gives confidence in how they can be more proactive in their healing.  I find this way of working more effective and more long-lasting in its results.

I am happy to work with any conditions, any age and anyone who needs help in any way - whether with their physical or emotional self.

I also teach regular Inner Qigong classes in Frome.

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