Portrait of a caucasian person in their fifties, with short, dark curly hair and dark eyes. They are smiling into the camera

Angelika Hell Professional (MrSS)

Provide home visits No
Teaching status Teacher

About me

I came to Shiatsu in the early 2000s when – during a personal crisis – I booked a session with a friend who was a Shiatsu practitioner. I felt a sense of peace and relaxation I had rarely experienced before. After that, I started having regular Shiatsu sessions and eventually decided that I wanted to become a practitioner myself. I qualified as a Zen Shiatsu practitioner at the Shiatsu College Brighton and have also been teaching there since 2017.

I am particularly interested in the impact stress, anxiety and trauma have on the body-mind and the support and relief Shiatsu can offer.

My background is in linguistics and I love language. The body may not use words but it has its own language and to me reading these details and translating them into what my clients might need and how to meet those needs is infinitely interesting, exciting and – when done successfully – satisfying.

Photo of one person lying on their back on a white cover and another person kneeling by their side, touching their belly with both hands Photo of one pair of hands gently holding another hand wrapped in a white muslin cloth, stretching out the wrapped hand Photo of a caucasian female lying face up on a white cover, eyes closed in a relaxed manner, a pair of hands wrapping a white muslin cloth around her head Photo of a caucasian female sitting on a white cover with another person kneeling behind her, one hand on her left shoulder, the other one on the middle of her back

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

The Yoga and Wellness Rooms