Shiatsu Holistics

Mrs Hannah Taylor Fellow (FwSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Body Psychotherapy, Counselling, Healing, Meditation, Stress Management
Specialisms Palliative
Provide home visits No

About me

I offer sessions at my clinic in North Cadbury, near Castle Cary and also at Nine Springs Natural Therapy Centre in Yeovil. I am available for sessions Monday to Friday daytimes, depending on availability. Please contact me direct to book.

A bit about me:

I started my nursing career over 20 years ago. My work, particularly that with terminal patients, led me to believe there must be something more I could offer. So began my exploration of spirituality and complementary therapies.

I tried a weekend introductory course in Shiatsu (a “hands-on” body therapy) and absolutely loved it. I signed up for the three year practitioner training and qualified in 1995 (MRSS, now FwSS).

My growing awareness of the subtle energies of the body led me to study spiritual healing in 1994 with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH). I gained valuable experience working, for almost 2 years, as a healer at the Central London Healing Centre. I am a qualified healer (MNFSH).

After moving to Somerset in 1997 I continued my explorations, completing courses in personal development, breathwork, meditation and flower essences as well as further specialist courses in shiatsu and healing.

The main focus of my work, both Shiatsu and Holistic Healing is to help you relax and let go, so finding yourself in a space where deep healing can take place.

I came to feel that deep relaxation is fundamental to health and well-being, so in 2005 I started running Relaxation Day workshops. I teach a variety of basic relaxation skills so that each individual can see which ones work for them and use them accordingly. 

My aim is to give people skills for life.

I started my counselling studies in 2010. It seems a natural progression for me and I love the work. I value being able to listen to what’s being said,  to what’s behind the words, and to offer that back to the client for them to digest and perhaps, see from a new perspective. It’s a special type of relationship where you can explore difficult issues with someone at your side and where self-awareness can blossom. 

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Shiatsu Holistics

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Nine Springs Natural Health Centre, Shiatsu Holistics

Session information

I will consider your state of health, the symptoms you are experiencing and, depending on your constitution and general energy levels, will use a variety of techniques to improve your energy flow.

These may include gentle holding, pressing with palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and feet on the meridians and, when appropriate, more dynamic rotations and stretches.

As the quality of Qi changes, the symptoms associated with a lack of flow will gradually improve. Shiatsu is a therapy that works on the individual as a complete being - not just the physical body but also on an emotional and/or mental level.

Each session lasts approximately one hour. The first session will be 30 minutes longer as I will take a detailed case history. This enables me to develop a complete picture of your health according to the principles of oriental medicine.

The session takes place on a padded mat or futon at floor level, although it is possible to receive Shiatsu sitting on a chair if you are unable to lie down. I often work on a couch as well.

The client stays fully clothed.
Fees: Initial appointment – 1 ½ hours, £70

Follow-up appointment – 1 hour, £50

Payable by cash or BACS

I will charge a full cancellation fee if at least 48 hours notice is not given.
Thank you.
Shiatsu Holistics

Shiatsu Holistics