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Kasia Bratek Professional (MrSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Body Psychotherapy, Breath Therapy, Clean Language, Herbal Medicine, Mindfulness
Specialisms Menopause, Motor difficulties, Neurological conditions
Provide home visits No

About me

I have been developing my therapeutic practice for over 10 years and specialised as a Shiatsu therapist, Embodiment councillor, Holistic pharmacist and Intuitive nutritionist, embracing many aspects of Medicine.

My extensive education and training embraces traditional herbal and Western medicine, supplemented by specialized studies at the Bristol School of Shiatsu, where I also gained a valuable experience working as an assistant for several years.

Having worked as a holistic pharmacist in a community pharmacy for many years, has made me deeply aware of the needs of individuals and had greatly shaped my intuitive approach in medicine and therapy today.

In my work, I combine the power of healing touch, intuitive bodywork rooted in ancient Zen practices, transformational dialogue, self-enquiry.

Through this process, I support individuals to embrace their own self-healing and sovereignty.

Shiatsu and Well-being Clinic is located in Lawrence Weston in Bristol and offers a comprehensive range of services both online and in person. These include Shiatsu Bodywork, embodied counselling, individual sessions focused on promoting and supporting wellness and balance, group embodiment practices, and workshops immersed in nature that encompass self-healing and vibrational Tree medicine practices.

Home clinic

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