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Lis Dale Fellow (FwSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Chair Massage, Qigong
Provide home visits No

About me

I’d like to help you to feel more comfortable in your body; to have more energy for what you want to do in life; and to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.  I’d like you to be able to enjoy life even more and live your life to the full.

I came to shiatsu through an interest in oriental health practices and energy work which started with a t’ai chi class about 30 years ago.  I was amazed at how quickly and easily I could transform from stressed and tired to calm and energised.  Later I discovered shiatsu which added the extra dimension of touch and after 3 years training I qualified as a shiatsu practitioner in June 2005. It is now my full time and fulfilling career. 


My own chronic health challenges came to a head in 2009. This was the start of the next chapter of my journey to understand, from the inside out, how I could best support and nurture my own health.  This experience has brought a renewed motivation and deeper level to the shiatsu treatments I offer to others. 

I practise Shiatsu Shintai, a form of shiatsu developed by Saul Goodman with an emphasis on clearing stress from your body and stimulating your body’s own healing potential. I also teach a Qigong class outside in the woods from Spring to Autumn.

I specialise in working with stress and chronic health issues (from the niggles to the biggies) that are affecting someone’s quality of life.  Too many people struggle when they don’t have to. 

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Saltaire Shiatsu

Session information

Wednesday 10am —8pm

Thursday 10am —8pm

Friday 10am —8pm

Saturday 10am —4pm

£45 for 1 hour shiatsu session
10% off first treatment when you go to my website and sign up to my e-news
My usual treatment room and toilet are upstairs. If you struggle with stairs and may find this difficult then please get in touch to discuss as I may be able to use a room downstairs.