Shiatsu space with Lindsay

Ms Lindsay Franklin Professional (MrSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Healing, Mindfulness
Provide home visits No

About me

When I first began studying Shiatsu I spent most of my time trying to figure out how Shiatsu works...4 years later that hasn’t really changed. Every learning curve I experience in the world of Shiatsu opens up more questions and even more possibilities. It’s this limitless potential that I love so much. How as we keep learning about connection, points, fascia, the breath and the 'quiet', the invisible conversation that happens between two energies, that it's here we find new ways of working and just as importantly, developing ourselves as human beings and practitioners.

Living and working in a city my original plan was to hold a solo practitioner clinic space but as we start to come out of the pandemic I feel more and more strongly that Shiatsu is something to be shared as much as possible. A practise space is still an important part of my practise however, I’ve begun to expand on that to see where else I can take the gift of Shiatsu. It’s baby steps at the moment; with publishing some short Grass Roots Shiatsu videos on social media, and making connections in my local community with the intention of creating a hub of likeminded people, to promote wellbeing in their preferred media/expertise. It’s unclear how this will develop but the potential is really lovely and the journey is fun!

I love practising Shiatsu because not only is it lovely that the client benefits from the session but I feel better too; lifted, lightened, clearer and I only hope that my clients derive as much from a session as I do. The general feedback I have, especially during my 2 years volunteering at a centre for vulnerable women, is that I tended to zonk people out, sending them to ‘Shiatsu land’. Giving space, allowing for rest, repair, and finding some peace, even if just for an hour.

This is what I’d like to continue to do, to provide a safe space for people to come to, be acknowledged, supported, listened to energetically, so that they can start (or continue) taking the steps they need to feel a little bit better and be able to take more joy from everyday life.

FB: love.shiatsu.lindsay

Insta: loveshiatsulindsay


Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Love Shiatsu, Love Shiatsu Main Street