Lavender Practice Shiatsu ShinTai, Monika Grygiel SrSS

Mrs Monika Grygiel Senior (SrSS)

Provide home visits Yes
Teaching status Trainee Teacher

About me

Monika graduated from the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London and deepened her training studying Shiatsu Shin Tai developed by Saul Goodman. She works from her home clinic (Lavender Practice) in SW11 London.

She is predominantly working with adults suffering from long-term, stress-related back or joint issues as well as teens experiencing anxiety, and cancer patients. In her practice Monika combines meridian work with energy healing, structural alignment, fascia and cranio-sacral techniques. Her treatments not only alleviate physical symptoms but also work towards reaching mental and emotional balance. She aims to release deeply held emotional, mental and physical stress patterns; and help you re-discover zest for life, vitality and strength. 

Monika supports her cancer patients from the point of diagnosis, post-surgery and throughout radio- and chemotherapy.


Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Lavender Practice Shiatsu

Session information

Monday 8am —8pm

Tuesday 2pm —8pm

Wednesday 8am —8pm

Thursday 8am —8pm

Friday 8am —8pm

Saturday 10am —4pm

Sunday 1pm —5pm

£80 - single treatment
£420 - block of 6 treatments
£65 - Paul’s cancer patients and fellow practitioners

Session information

Tuesday 10am —1:30pm

Sessions are free of charge for Paul's clients.