Kim, bluebells . . . and coffee

Mr Kim Lovelace Fellow (FwSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Qigong
Provide home visits No
Teaching status Teacher

About me

PLEASE NOTE:  I have reluctantly decided not to take on new clients for the foreseeable future.  My first available appointments are not until January 2024 and even then I would be unable to offer the continuity of regular follow up sessions.  I am happy to be contacted as a consultant with a view to discuss individual needs and suggest referral to other practitioners.

Qualifying as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1992 Kim has been in full time practice ever since. His areas of skill are in enabling space for change, when conditions (both physical and non-physical) have become "stuck".  In particular those affecting posture, musculoskeletal function and self image.

Kim's other great love is the practice of Qigong.  A form of exercise that combines movement, breath and imagery.  Modified forms of this are frequently offered to clients as "homework".

Every Shiatsu session begins with a guided tour around the body, drawing awareness to how differing areas feel, move and relate to the whole.  Clients are encouraged to use the experience as a meditation on the body, sometimes referred to as a Body Scan. Treatments combine the use of pressure points with muscle and joint stretches – the work is deep yet gentle and respectful, specifically focussed on each individual's need.

Outside the treatment room, Kim enjoys finding space . . . anywhere . . . especially where least expected . . .

Qigong - Preparing to Move Five Element Qigong - Fire Form

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

The WOW Clinic, Cowdray Hall Wellbeing

Session information

Tuesday 09.00 —17.00

Shiatsu treatments take place within the purpose built Cowdray Hall Therapy Suite. Qigong classes are run from Cowdray Hall itself.
Initial consultation (allow 80 minutes) £75
Follow up sessions (allow 50 minutes) £65
Treatments usually take place on a futon at floor level. All treatment rooms have fully height adjustable couches when floor treatments are not possible.

Session information

Monday 09.00 —17.00

Regular weekly Shiatsu sessions and qigong classes.
initial consultation (allow 80 minutes) £75
follow up sessions (allow 50 minutes) £65
Shiatsu treatments usually take place at floor level on a padded mat (futon). Should a floor based treatment be contraindicated then a fully height adjustable couch is available in all treatment rooms.