Greg Tull

Mr Greg Tull Professional (MrSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Body Massage, Chair Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, Stress Management
Provide home visits No

About me

For 25 years I have worked in adult social care in various roles.  I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2009 as an Occupational Therapist and have worked in local authority and private/independent settings since this time.  I decided to focus solely on Shiatsu from November 2019.

Yoga has been a mainstay since my early twenties and I regularly participate in classes, retreats as well as my own practice.  I also enjoy 5 element Qi Gong and  I love to spend time in nature as this helps me to re-connect and ground with the earth.  I believe we are all here to discover and create who we are, and our place in the world.  That this is a on-going journey of exploration, risk taking, self care and transformation.  

In 2012 I graduated from the accredited Shiatsu College, London, after a three year training course in Zen Shiatsu.  For 2 years I helped teach assist at the London College and since this time have offered Shiatsu as a means of personal growth for others as well as myself in both the charitable sector and in private practice.  I am particularly interested in supporting people who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression or going through life changes or transformations. 

One of my teachers often described Shiatsu as feeling "like liquid silver" and this has always resonated with me.  In that magical space between waking and sleeping, where the body, mind and spirit are grounded, relaxed and open, where there is kind curiosity, we can more easily access and effect all parts of our being to bring about wholeness and healing.  I think Shiatsu is an amazing gift! 

I have a deep interest in the innate wisdom of the body and helping people to consciously connect to aspects of themselves through their own lived experience.  Gently investigating their own condition to shine light on areas of the body, psyche, mind and spirit to bring them back into harmony with the greater whole.  Shiatsu can help a person to take control of their own health and quality of life, and to be an active participant in their own healing.  I regularly attend post graduate workshops, courses and retreats to further my development.  


Greg Tull BSc (Hons) OT MrSS is a graduate member of the Shiatsu Society.  He is fully insured and adheres to the Society's code of conduct and ethics.  He is an MrSS graduate member of the register of the Shiatsu Society who regulate Shiatsu within the UK.


*  ​Everyone can benefit from Shiatsu, from any walk and stage of life  *

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Ki Stone Shiatsu Home Clinic Greg Tull

Session information

Monday 12.00 —18.00

Tuesday 10.00 —18.00

Wednesday 10.00 —18.00

What to expect from Shiatsu -

The treatment takes place either on a massage couch, or a massage chair. During the first meeting we will discuss any particular issues you would like addressed, as well as your health condition and lifestyle. This will help to inform the Shiatsu. Treatments can vary and be playful, relaxing and restorative, energising, dynamic and sometimes challenging, depending on what is needed at the time. They can be subtle and powerful and often engender a feeling of deep relaxation.

Shiatsu can help to show people hidden aspects of themselves that can develop greater awareness. We often judge parts of ourselves harshly if aspects are out of kilter or we are in pain. I like to help people to recognise and acknowledge their potential and strengths whilst respecting and nourishing the neglected areas of their being.

What to wear -

It is best to wear clothes that are easy to move in, warm and comfortable. Within reason, the body should be covered as much as possible, so long sleeves and socks are preferable. Skirts, jeans, belts and jewellery are best avoided, as are strong perfumes and make-up.

Additional Information;

* All surfaces are cleaned between clients and all sheets and cloths are changed.

* Hand sanitiser is available for use on arrival.

* Please wear a face mask when you arrive for your Shiatsu.

* I will be wearing a face mask and visor for the duration of the treatment.

* I am happy to support you in-between treatments by phone or email if this is required.

* I will carry out a pre-treatment phone consultation for about 30 minutes to minimise contact time on the day of the treatment.

* I will email you a client consent form and premises agreement form for you to read and sign prior to your visit. Please bring these to your Shiatsu session.
A full body Shiatsu session lasts up to one hour and costs £45. Over 10% off your first Shiatsu session (£40).
This takes place on a comfortable massage couch. The initial session can be up to 90 minutes for a full consultation, at no extra charge.

A seated Acupressure session on an ergonomically designed massage chair lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs £25.
This treatment modality is especially effective for people with tension held in the shoulders, neck and back regions, who may spend a lot of time in a desk based job.

Gift Vouchers available on request.
If you would like a shorter taster session, please get in touch.
Please note - Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee of £20 to cover lost appointment time and room rental fees.
The clinic is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. There is a spacious off road car park and a sloped path down to the clinic entrance. The clinic has sweeping views over the Bybrook Valley and has a 24/7 ventilation system which keeps the air fresh and continually circulated if you have concerns about Covid19 and ventilation issues.