Keith Stewart FwSS

Mr Keith Stewart Fellow (FwSS)

Phone 01224732852
Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Chi Gong, Qigong, Yoga Teaching/Therapy
Provide home visits No
Teaching status Teacher

About me

Hi, my name is Keith. I live and work in Aberdeen, Scotland, where I run a  clinic for private and group sessions.

I also teach internationally : in France, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel and Japan.

I have been practicing Shiatsu since 1985 and a teacher since 1991.

Also a close student  and confidante of the late Sei-Ki Master, Akinobu Kishi since 1992,

and continue my collaboration with his wife Kyoko Kishi to this day.

Qualified in Hatha Yoga, Chi Gung, and Japanese internal arts of Tsu Rugi Do, and Kotodama.

I am happy to work with anyone with an interest in these arts

or anyone with a particular ailment that might find these practices beneficial 

for physical pain relief or emotional and mental health issues.


Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Life Movement Foundation

Session information

Monday 10am —6pm

Tuesday 10am —6pm

Wednesday 10am —6pm

Thursday 2pm —6pm

Friday 10am —12 noon

Individual sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes
£50 per session
2 steps at entry door