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Sharon Allen-Phillips FwSS
England, London
Head neck and shoulders of Shiatsu Practitioner Tamsin Grainger
Tamsin Grainger FwSS
Tracy Krikler
Tracy Krikler FwSS
England, London
Clare Matthews MrSS
England, South-east England
Shiatsu body work practitioner
Deborah Rampton FwSS
South-east England
Clare Hill FwSS
England, North-west England
Kazufumi Kurosawa FwSS
Karey Taylor FwSS
England, West Midlands
Basti Deans; friendly, open hearted and happy to work with anything and anyone
Basti Deans FwSS
South-east England
Veronica Howard FwSS
England, London
Profile Photo JS
Judit Sotoca Sacristan MrSS
West Midlands
Jane Lyons in hat,  looking happy!
Jane Lyons FwSS
England, London
Frances Stoakley
Frances Stoakley MrSS
England, North-west England, Yorkshire & Humber
Standing in front of the Shiatsu matt on The Shiatsu Bus
Daniel Smith MrSS
East Midlands
Yolanda promo picture
Yolanda Bloor FwSS
Daniel Schwager MrSS
England, London
Mind Body Shiatsu with Jacqui Penman
Jacqui Penman MrSS
Image shows head and shoulders of woman with brown hair, wearing white uniform
Talia Lyon-Devlin MrSS
Yorkshire & Humber
Azeem Mushtaq
Azeem Mushtaq FwSS
East of England, London
Rebecca Rice SrSS
England, South-west England
Displaying 1 - 20 of 428 Practitioners