Jayne Preece

Ms Angela (Jayne) Preece

Phone 07889056673
Email(s) jaynepshiatsu@yahoo.com
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About me

 “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got!” Sometimes just being an ordinary human in this world today takes everything we have. Getting up and out in to the world, to do what we have to do to-go to work, walk the dogs, look after the children/elderly parents, arrange medical appointments, car insurance, shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning....the seemingly never ending merry go round of stuff to do just to keep spinning those plates! Shiatsu can be an amazing way of offering some respite and support. I have worked with clients coming for shiatsu for a variety of reasons including support for rotator cuff injury, shoulders, stress related insomnia and headaches, hip problems, anxiety, lower back pain, grief after the death of a relative, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, COPD, exhaustion, and for health maintenance.

I work from a lovely studio in the heart of Lichfield. Tucked away on a quiet street near to the centre of town it is easy to access and has a number of car parks nearby. 

I completed my training in 2019 with Shiatsu College Manchester and have recently become a teaching assistant at the college. I am also a qualified reflexologist (since 1998).

I offer a safe, non judgemental space for people to have time to ‘just be’, to relax and allow their body and mind to relax. I feel that Shiatsu is a cooperative experience. Connecting with your energy in order to feel where it is depleted or stuck I use a variety of ‘massage’ like techniques, muscle stretches and joint rotations to create space in the body for energy to flow, release tension and restore balance.


Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Sue Burford Holistic Therapy