Snezhana Stoeva Shiatsu Therapist

Mrs Snezhana Stoeva Professional (MrSS)

Phone +447407070481
Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Chair Massage, Chi Gong, Clean Language, Meditation, Qigong, Stress Management
Provide home visits No
Teaching status Trainee Teacher

About me

As a teenager, I believed I would one day become a therapist. I did a Masters in Psychology and graduated with honors but I didn’t find the answers I was looking for in the academic world.
I wasn’t confident that I had the right tools for a career as a therapist, so I shifted my focus to the much safer territory of business. I became a sales person, and I learned to listen to others’ needs and create strategies that were beneficial for both sides. Later on, I became a project manager (PRINCE2 certified). I still enjoy visualizing where I want to be and creating road maps in my mind’s eye, planning resources and predicting what could go wrong.
But all those years I was living in my head. I saw my body as something to support my head. It came as quite a shock when I finally realized that I am my body. Nowadays, I integrate Shiatsu, Sei-Ki, Do-in, Qigong, mindful movement, meditation and Clean Language in a body-friendly therapeutic method to support my clients to the best of my abilities and to deepen my understanding about this beautiful union of mind-body-spirit, also known as a human being.
The unusual circumstances around the Covid-19 have given me the opportunity to start working with Chris McAlister and this is how the Mindbodify project was born.  

December 2022-present:  Shiatsu Therapist at Neal's Yard Remedies, Sevenoaks, Kent
October 2022-present:  Stress Management Facilitator at UCLH, London 
September 2022-present: On-site Shiatsu Therapist at UCLH, London 
September 2021-present:  Teaching Assistant at Shiatsu College, London
November 2020 -present: Co-creator of 
July 2019 -present: Seiki and Shiatsu therapist at home-clinic in Sidcup, Kent
• Supporting clients with pain in the back, neck and shoulders
• Creating awareness around migraines and causative factors
• Supporting increased awareness around mind-body connections
• Supporting clients to develop a more balanced lifestyle.
November 2021- January 2023:  Shiatsu Therapist at Neal's Yard Remedies, Borough Market Therapy Rooms
April 2022-December 2022: Shiatsu Therapist, SoulFit, Edenbridge, Kent
January 2020 – March 2020: On-site Shiatsu therapist at Groundswell (Project of Shiatsu College, London)
• Giving Shiatsu sessions to the volunteers and staff: Releasing tension, improving mobility, supporting mental and emotional awareness.
October 2019 – March 2020: On-site Acupressure and Shiatsu therapist at care homes in Kent
• Working with the residents of the care homes to improve their mobility, somatosensory perception (feeling in muscles, connective tissue and skin), and proprioception (posture and movement)
• Working with the Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) during the treatment to calm anxiety states and relieve insomnia.
July 2018–July 2019: Acupressure therapist, home clinic in Kidbrooke Village.

2018-2020, Shiatsu College, London, Zen Shiatsu Training
2017-2018 Shiatsu College, London, Holistic Acupressure 
1998-2002 Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria, Master's Degree, Psychology

• International Sei-ki Gathering, Bracciano 2022, Italy (11.11-13.11.2022)
• The structure of awareness: Heaven & Earth, Advanced course with Adam Hellinger (29.10 & 30.10.2022)
• The Chakras and the Archetypes of Greek Mythology​, workshop with Diego Sanchez, Athens, Greece (23.09-26.09.2022)
• HeartTouch: Mindfulness based Approaches for Emotional Pain, Trauma & Psychosis, workshop with Anthony Fidler with support from James Scurry​ (04.09.2022)
• The structure of awareness. Working with the shoulder and neck, advanced course with Adam Hellinger (30.04 & 01.05.2022)
• Shiatsu College Residential Weekend, Rydal Hall, UK, workshops with Anne Palmer, Claire Gilliver, Cat Westwood, Nicola Ley, Rachel Ecclestone, Adam Hellinger, Annie Cryar, Sarah Oldfield (01.04- 04.04.2022)
• Work with Fascia ( Level 2), workshop with Gabriella Poli, Pizarra, Spain (18.03-20.03.2022)
• International Sei-ki Gathering, Ghent 2021, Belgium (29.10-31.10.2021)
• Assisting at Sei-ki London & Athens linked workshops, 2021 with Alice Whieldon (24,25.06 & 14,15.10.2021)
• Developing Qi Awareness, advanced course with Adam Hellinger (11.09.2021)
• Clean Language online advanced course, with Nick Pole (6.05-27.05.2021)
• Guilt & Karma, online Mindclearing workshop with Alice Whieldon (16 & 23.03 2021)​
• Kokoro(Heart), online Seiki workshop with Alice Whieldon (18 & 19.06.2020)
• Seiki: the Secret Art of Shiatsu, 1-Day online course with Alice Whieldon (01.05.2020)
• Clean Language online advanced course, with Nick Pole (16.04-07.05.2020)
• Meditative Vocal Practices – Sound & Soma, 8-week course with Cordelia Zafiropulo (7.01-3.03.2020)
• Energetic Anatomy, workshop with Nicola Ley (22.02.2020)
• Non-doing & Seiki, workshop with Alice Whieldon & Nick Pole (13-15.02.2020)
• Improv and Shiatsu, workshop with Alice Whieldon & Nick Pole (16.11.2019)
• Quantum Shiatsu Evolution, workshop with Gabriella Poli (13 & 14.10.2019)
• “Weathering Storms”: Mindfulness-based Approaches for Emotional Pain, Trauma and Psychosis, workshop with Anthony Fidler & Tamara Russell (14.09.2019)
• Roots of Shiatsu, workshop with Carola Beresford-Cooke (20 & 21.07.2019)
• Seiki & Clean Language, workshop with Alice Whieldon & Nick Pole (29, 30 & 31.03.2019)
• ​PRINCE2 Foundation, 03946606-01-48XZ, APMG International, Project Management, December 2015