Snezhana Stoeva Shiatsu Therapist

Mrs Snezhana Stoeva Professional (MrSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Chair Massage, Chi Gong, Clean Language, Meditation, Qigong, Stress Management
Provide home visits No
Teaching status Trainee Teacher

About me

As a teenager, I believed I would one day become a therapist. I did a Masters in Psychology and graduated with honors but I didn’t find the answers I was looking for in the academic world.
I wasn’t confident that I had the right tools for a career as a therapist, so I shifted my focus to the much safer territory of business. I became a sales person, and I learned to listen to others’ needs and create strategies that were beneficial for both sides. Later on, I became a project manager (PRINCE2 certified). I still enjoy visualizing where I want to be and creating road maps in my mind’s eye, planning resources and predicting what could go wrong.
But all those years I was living in my head. I saw my body as something to support my head. It came as quite a shock when I finally realized that I am my body. Nowadays, I integrate Shiatsu, Sei-Ki, Do-in, Qigong, mindful movement, meditation and Clean Language in a body-friendly therapeutic method to support my clients to the best of my abilities and to deepen my understanding about this beautiful union of mind-body-spirit, also known as a human being.
The unusual circumstances around the Covid-19 have given me the opportunity to start working with Chris McAlister and this is how the Mindbodify project was born.  

December 2022-present:  Shiatsu Therapist at Neal's Yard Remedies, Sevenoaks, Kent
October 2022-present:  Stress Management Facilitator at UCLH, London 
September 2022-present: On-site Shiatsu Therapist at UCLH, London 
September 2021-present:  Teaching Assistant at Shiatsu College, London
November 2020 -present: Co-creator of 
July 2019 -present: Seiki and Shiatsu therapist at home-clinic in Sidcup, Kent
• Supporting clients with pain in the back, neck and shoulders
• Creating awareness around migraines and causative factors
• Supporting increased awareness around mind-body connections
• Supporting clients to develop a more balanced lifestyle.
November 2021- January 2023:  Shiatsu Therapist at Neal's Yard Remedies, Borough Market Therapy Rooms
April 2022-December 2022: Shiatsu Therapist, SoulFit, Edenbridge, Kent
January 2020 – March 2020: On-site Shiatsu therapist at Groundswell (Project of Shiatsu College, London)
• Giving Shiatsu sessions to the volunteers and staff: Releasing tension, improving mobility, supporting mental and emotional awareness.
October 2019 – March 2020: On-site Acupressure and Shiatsu therapist at care homes in Kent
• Working with the residents of the care homes to improve their mobility, somatosensory perception (feeling in muscles, connective tissue and skin), and proprioception (posture and movement)
• Working with the Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) during the treatment to calm anxiety states and relieve insomnia.
July 2018–July 2019: Acupressure therapist, home clinic in Kidbrooke Village.

2018-2020, Shiatsu College, London, Zen Shiatsu Training
2017-2018 Shiatsu College, London, Holistic Acupressure 
1998-2002 Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria, Master's Degree, Psychology

• International Sei-ki Gathering, Bracciano 2022, Italy (11.11-13.11.2022)
• The structure of awareness: Heaven & Earth, Advanced course with Adam Hellinger (29.10 & 30.10.2022)
• The Chakras and the Archetypes of Greek Mythology​, workshop with Diego Sanchez, Athens, Greece (23.09-26.09.2022)
• HeartTouch: Mindfulness based Approaches for Emotional Pain, Trauma & Psychosis, workshop with Anthony Fidler with support from James Scurry​ (04.09.2022)
• The structure of awareness. Working with the shoulder and neck, advanced course with Adam Hellinger (30.04 & 01.05.2022)
• Shiatsu College Residential Weekend, Rydal Hall, UK, workshops with Anne Palmer, Claire Gilliver, Cat Westwood, Nicola Ley, Rachel Ecclestone, Adam Hellinger, Annie Cryar, Sarah Oldfield (01.04- 04.04.2022)
• Work with Fascia ( Level 2), workshop with Gabriella Poli, Pizarra, Spain (18.03-20.03.2022)
• International Sei-ki Gathering, Ghent 2021, Belgium (29.10-31.10.2021)
• Assisting at Sei-ki London & Athens linked workshops, 2021 with Alice Whieldon (24,25.06 & 14,15.10.2021)
• Developing Qi Awareness, advanced course with Adam Hellinger (11.09.2021)
• Clean Language online advanced course, with Nick Pole (6.05-27.05.2021)
• Guilt & Karma, online Mindclearing workshop with Alice Whieldon (16 & 23.03 2021)​
• Kokoro(Heart), online Seiki workshop with Alice Whieldon (18 & 19.06.2020)
• Seiki: the Secret Art of Shiatsu, 1-Day online course with Alice Whieldon (01.05.2020)
• Clean Language online advanced course, with Nick Pole (16.04-07.05.2020)
• Meditative Vocal Practices – Sound & Soma, 8-week course with Cordelia Zafiropulo (7.01-3.03.2020)
• Energetic Anatomy, workshop with Nicola Ley (22.02.2020)
• Non-doing & Seiki, workshop with Alice Whieldon & Nick Pole (13-15.02.2020)
• Improv and Shiatsu, workshop with Alice Whieldon & Nick Pole (16.11.2019)
• Quantum Shiatsu Evolution, workshop with Gabriella Poli (13 & 14.10.2019)
• “Weathering Storms”: Mindfulness-based Approaches for Emotional Pain, Trauma and Psychosis, workshop with Anthony Fidler & Tamara Russell (14.09.2019)
• Roots of Shiatsu, workshop with Carola Beresford-Cooke (20 & 21.07.2019)
• Seiki & Clean Language, workshop with Alice Whieldon & Nick Pole (29, 30 & 31.03.2019)
• ​PRINCE2 Foundation, 03946606-01-48XZ, APMG International, Project Management, December 2015

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Shiatsu by Snezhana Stoeva Sidcup, Neals Yard Remedies Sevenoaks