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Corrinna Bain Professional (MrSS)

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Qigong
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About me


Corrinna Bain MrSS, BSc (Hons), founder of Rest and Renew
Trained with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu

I see shiatsu as an empowering means through mindful touch and movement to nurturing ourselves, feeling more connected and at ease in life. This can allow us to have greater resilience and vitality to nurture our world.

I love connecting with people from all walks of life with shiatsu both one to one and do it yourself shiatsu in groups, working with our stresses and strains, pain and chronic conditions, rediscovering more ease in our day to day. 

As a group facilitator, I have experience of working in a variety of diverse and busy community settings both one to one and in groups in Glasgow including AMINA Muslim Women’s Resource Centre and the Poverty Truth Community. 

My bodywork practice with shiatsu continues to grow and develop. I am continually learning with people who take part in shiatsu sessions as well as doing continual professional development. 

I also feel invigorated moving my body whether that be through travelling, exploratory dance, qigong and swimming in the many fresh water lochs in the West Coast!  

I’d love to hear from you. 

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What people say about shiatsu with Corrinna

“Loved my session with Corrinna, she has a lovely calming energy and very friendly and professional. It was my first shiatsu and was delighted with how I felt during and afterwards. I was able to connect with my body on a new level and felt more relaxed and more empowered about how to manage my symptoms by having the follow up tools that Corrinna shared with me to do at home.”
Sharon Gusman , NHS Health Improvement Practitioner

"I felt better each time I had a shiatsu with Corrinna. My arms are feeling much more flexible and blood is flowing into them very well now. My hands are much warmer nowadays."
Virginie Glayton, community development worker

"I felt welcome and cared for from start to finish. Corrinna is very intuitive and knew exactly what she was doing (and when to offer a blanket!). I 100% recommend a treatment with her."
Alex McKenzie

And with participants from Zest for Life Group in a community centre in the Gorbals, Glasgow:

"I had stiffness in my neck, shoulders and feet. It feels like this has been squeezed out and I feel lot better now and more energised. I can breathe a lot better too." Stella

"I realise just how much this helps me to slow down and to give time for me. I feel relaxed. I try and do some of the things I remember when I’m at home. Feels good." Roshni

"Good to connect into my body, gets me out of my busy mind that never seems to stop and gets me out of the house. I do some of the exercises at home when I can and it helps me to feel more relaxed." Alec


Corrinna Bain Clearing the Mind with Shiatsu Rest and Renew Glasgow Corrinna Bain Easing Back Pain with Shiatsu Rest and Renew Glasgow Corrinna Bain Releasing Joint Mobility with Shiatsu Rest and Renew Glasgow

Session information

10am —6pm

Wednesday 10am —6pm

Thursday 10am —8pm

Shiatsu one to one sessions on a futon or a chair at private practice in Govanhill (G42), Southside Glasgow on a futon or chair, based on needs.
Groups and workshops can also be facilitated in community and work settings. Contact Corrinna to discuss requirements and fees.
60 minutes one to one shiatsu sessions - £50
30 minutes one to one shiatsu sessions - £28

Concessionary rates are considered, please ask.
Second floor of a tenement building. We can explore options if you have mobility issues with stairs.

Session information

Monday 5pm —9.30pm

One to one shiatsu sessions on a futon or a chair based on needs.
60 minutes £50
30 minutes £28

Concessionary rates are considered, please ask.
On the first floor. We can explore options if you have mobility issues with stairs.