Ali Melville

Mrs Alison Melville Fellow (FwSS)

Phone 07866631615
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About me

My journey with Shiatsu began as a result of on-going pain from a whiplash injury received some ten years before. I was a keen yoga and Tai Chi student as this gave me some relief but not on a long term basis. I started to accept the pain and restricted movement within my neck and shoulders until a chance conversation with a Shiatsu Practitioner. After a series of treatments and I began to feel a sense of ease and understanding of my own body and wanted to know more. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to share this bodywork and its benefits with others.

I enrolled and graduated from the Shiatsu College, Manchester branch in 2009. I am a registered practitioner with the Shiatsu Society. After graduating I have continued my professional development, undertaking workshops by leading bodywork practitioners. In 2013, I began my Shiatsu Shin Tai journey with Kindy Kaur, a leading teacher of Shin Tai in the UK. Since then I have regularly attended workshops learning the principles of Shin Tai. I see Shin Tai as a practice to enable us to get in touch with our own true self and see our own true potential. My work is now predominately influenced by Shin Tai.

I work with a variety of Shin Tai techniques which include elements of Shiatsu, fascial unwinding, stillness, Central Channel release, passive structural adjustments, Cranio-Sacral techniques, and chakra work.