You may have noticed it looks a bit different around here!

And it will keep changing, for the better – we’re working to the principle of kaizen!

Kaizen is a Japanese word that directly translates to “good change.” Kaizen means to make things better by studying the problem, identifying areas of improvement, and making incremental changes to enhance business performance.

Kaizen is about continuous incremental improvements, about engaging with the needs in a fluid way and letting go of the unnecessary.

So what are we improving?

We have been working in the background since the New Year to improve the core aspects of how we gather and maintain information, how we communicate that with the public and the members. We have been digging deep into our own understanding!

You are now seeing the first steps into the new fresh look and feel website, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Behind the scenes:

We're moving the payment systems online (and self managed) to streamline the membership process, we will have a small core team to support you – however we’re working hard to ensure the systems in place will be as light touch and easy to use as possible, so our members can relax and do what they love, Shiatsu!

We are working on simplifying many of the administration processes which you our dear members and friends do not see, but this will allow us to support you with more time!

Front of house:

The website is more accessible, and functional than the previous incarnation – we are working on fine tuning this to ensure our site visitors, no matter their needs, can engage with our community.

Other cool stuff:

On the site, still being developed so you will see frequent changes!

  • A practitioner search with a map
  • Profile pages
    • Easy management of you own media
    • See your documents!
  • Venue pages
  • Session information
  • Join us form
  • members only area, with resources

Still works in progress, they should be coming within the next month or so!

  • Easy sign up to our newsletter
  • School pages
  • Events
  • Teachers access only area
  • CPD area
  • CPD provider listings