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Professional Shiatsu practitioner insurance is included in the fees for professional membership and student advanced denoted with an asterisk [*] below.

2024 Membership categories & fees

5% discount for Annual Direct Debits, not applicable to students

Membership type Standard fee Discounted DD annual fee Monthly
Fellow* £264 £250.80 £22.00
Senior member* £264 £250.80 £22.00
Member* £225 £213.75 £18.75
Student Advanced* £78 N/A £6.50
Student Beginner £24 N/A £2.00
Associate £96 £91.20 £8.00

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Associate membership provides you with access to information and resources published to the website, this is great way to support us in our work - from retired pratitioners to people who just love the science and art of Shiatsu!


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