International Shiatsu Day

Join us in celebrating International Shiatsu Day on the 11th June 

In the upcoming third ISD, on June 11th 2023, we would like to see the day spread beyond borders and engage as many practitioners as possible not only in Italy and Europe but all over the world!

Overlapping the ISD, the European Shiatsu Federation (ESF) is once again hosting the Shiatsu Without Borders Month in June 2023 and the Shiatsu Society will be running Shiatsu Awareness Month. The format is designed to give as many people as possible the chance to organize an event / involvement at their own convenience.

These initiatives are designed to help Shiatsu transcend its old boundaries and build a higher profile to create visible social change.

About Shiatsu Without Borders Month and International Shiatsu Day 

Our intention is to raise awareness in public opinion, institutions and governments about the benefits and utility of Shiatsu in promoting a healthy lifestyle; everyone can experience how sensitive and caring touch can support recovery from many conditions of imbalance, including those directly related to the pandemic, such as fatigue, depression, isolation and long covid symptoms.

Ways to get involved

If you are interested and want to play your part, allow this Shiatsu Wave to grow through your contacts by following these simple directions:

  1. Join the event - there are no costs or obligations; you can subscribe on our website and send us your logo, if you like  If you wish, you can send us photos or videos of your event - we will share them on our photo gallery
  2. Download the ISD logo from and upload it onto your web site/social media profile or flyer
  3. Organize an activity of your choice connected to Shiatsu and post the event with the ISD logo and the #internationalshiatsuday hashtag
  4. Send us photos or videos of your event - we will share them on our photo gallery.

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