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Insurance FAQs

Am I covered to run group Shiatsu sessions for the general public?

The insurance provided by Shiatsu Society (UK) for all Members (including students) includes cover for you to share within a group, any practices which are part of your Shiatsu training so long as you are not issuing a certificate of competence to attendees. You are therefore insured to hold Grassroots Shiatsu Community Workshops and we encourage you to share the Practice of Shiatsu, empowering others to learn ways to maintain their own wellbeing. 

Am I still covered by insurance if my membership has lapsed?

No, if you are late paying your membership fees you will not be covered by your insurance policy during the time your membership is not active.  

Can I get insurance separately to Shiatsu Society membership?

Unfortunately not. The Shiatsu Society negotiated block insurance on behalf of its members to provide them with the best possible cover at the best price. 

Help, I’ve lost my certificate and/or insurance certificate!

Don’t worry, these documents are available when you login, but if you have any problems accessing them, just drop us an email at
and we’ll arrange a copy to be sent to you.

What’s covered by my insurance?

The Master policy that is included in your membership is designed to cover members to practise Shiatsu. You are covered to practise all the techniques included in your training; this includes Shiatsu during pregnancy. If as a member you then go on to take up further training in a different therapy i.e. Acupressure, Massage etc. you will need to take out a separate multi-therapy cover for an extra £17.    

The policy covers practitioners to practise Shiatsu, with teaching cover as standard – i.e. workshops and CPD. The policy does not cover training and certifying a member of the general public as competent in the practice of Shiatsu. For this cover you will need to contact Balens  for a quote.   

When does my insurance start?

Your insurance is covered by a block insurance scheme. This runs annually from January to January each year but you are covered at all times providing you ensure your membership renewals are kept up to date. You’ll find a copy of the Insurance Schedule and your Certificate of Recognition in your Members' profile when you login.    

Payment FAQs

I’d like to update my payment details – what do I do?

No problem, just drop us an email to or use our contact us form We will need to know your, name, telephone and Membership number and we’ll get in touch to run through the simple process with you.

Website FAQs

Help! I can’t login

Don’t worry – you can reset your login details easily. Just refer to this page it will guide you to request your one-time use reset email to be sent you to where you can create a new password. Please note that for your security we don’t have access to your password details or payment information. If you’re still having difficulties please drop us an email.

I’m a professional member, how do I complete my profile on the website?

As a starting point please ensure that you have a practice name and have ticked to include your details in the website search - this will ensure you are found on the search registry. Please note that your practice name should not include any specifical characters – aka dashes, hyphens, colons etc to ensure the link works correctly.

Adding a region will help with the registry search – so complete the region field to let us know where you are based. You’ll find more tips and detailed information here in our guide to the different profile areas and how this relates to the search. We recommend reading this before adding your practice information. And finally, remember we are here to help, so if there is an aspect of your profile you aren’t quite sure about, just drop us an email and we’ll help you get set up.

General Enquiries FAQs

I’d love a paper copy of the Journal

You need to be a member to recieve the journal,, and you can let us know by logging in, going to 'Membership' section in the  'contact preferences' sub-section, tick the "Journal in print" box & save.

Alternatively you can mail Ruth You’ll be added to the distribution list to receive copies going forward by print. You’ll also receive a copy by email for your convenience.