1-2-1 Bookable Sessions

Having an effective search facility is 50:50, a bit like Shiatsu. We are working to improve the search facility but need your help with the content, to assist us with populate content found in search results. 

Having a full profile on our website helps with

  • Business - so potential clients can find you 

  • Networking - so other practitioners can contact you for referrals etc. 

  • Professionalism - so Shiatsu has a stronger, more postive face for the public. 

Profile 1-2-1 Help Sessions

If you'd like a little assistance getting your Shiatsu Society Profile fully up and running, drop us an email to book a slot with Mark in the office. Sessions are arranged at a time that suits you and take place on Zoom or MS Teams. 

We will run through how to update your profile, resources you might find helpful and answer any questions you might have. You can also make suggestions to us about things you'd like developed and would find helpful to further support your practice. 

Get in touch to book a 1-2-1 Call