Sarah Holder Shiatsu Therapist Scotland

Miss Sarah Holder

Modalities in addition to Shiatsu Chi Gong, Dowsing, Healing, Pregnancy Massage, Qigong, Tai Chi
Specialisms Fertility, Pregnancy
Provide home visits No

About me

Hi, I'm a Shiatsu Practitioner and Energy Field Healer qualifying in 2004. I became interested in energy healing after experiencing really bad eczema on my face and wanted to find a more holistic approach to finding a cure. I was always interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine so wanted to either study Acupuncture or Shiatsu. Studying Shiatsu, I gained so much knowledge of how the energy system (the meridians) in our body flows and how unresolved emotions and trauma affect our health on a physical and mental level. Through my Shiatsu journey I became more empowered and changed my life circumstances which helped my eczema to clear up.

Shiatsu and Energy Field Healing are two halves of a whole healing system that works with the Ki inside and outside the body. During a session, I work with your highest potential at the time clearing out clutter in the aura and blocks which maybe causing pain, stiffness in the physical body. I also work with the chakras especially the earth star under your feet to help with grounding into the earth. It is my passion to help clients find their own path, teach techniques on how they can become more empowered and take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Venues where I provide Shiatsu sessions

Highland Wellness Centre