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Ms Ruth Solomon Professional (MrSS)

Phone 07940890418
Email(s) yellruthtoday@yahoo.co.uk
Specialisms Baby, Palliative
Provide home visits Yes

About me

Hello my name is Ruth,

My approach is to accompany you in what you may want to explore in this Shiatsu session. By creating a foundation of settlement for your session, pain, and disturbance may also be helpfully addressed in a supportive way. I trained with the Ki Kai School of Shiatsu in London graduating in 2006.

My main and trusted Tutor was Graham Crisp who supported me to create a fluid and empathetic bond with my Clients which can also become invigorating and dynamic where this is useful. I had further and on-going training in Seiki Soho, an approach developed by the late Akinobu Kishi. This is a gentle holding practice; a way of being together on a human to human level in order to follow this internal journey of Ki energy as it arises. This works through attention to your breathing and noticing together, your patterns of muscular release made possible within a session. For release and ease to occur, it is helpful to follow areas too which may feel tight and stressed within an overall sense of support. I sometimes see people as plants that need rooting in order to flourish and move more freely both outwardly in movement and inwardly at a level of inner value and emotional resilience. Because Shiatsu is a human practice and essentially a Therapeutic Relationship, my hands as an experienced Therapist, create a listening link into understanding how things are unfolding right now for you. They give me information and they simultaneously create the conditions for me to know what is needed by you through the quality of my touch. That quality is adaptive and sensitive to your changing and evolving situation within a session.

This may help to allow for a wider pattern of choice and possible expression in your day to day life outside of the session too. I see the value of the imagination and human creativity in my Clients. That this can start at a micro level of interest and concern- in tiny thresholds of change and adaptation in our body-mind as a living system of mutual support, never fails to fascinate me. I have made this linkage between the imagination and the body my area of special interest and Research. This has led me to carry the work into all kinds of areas of neuro-plasticity through the body's sensitivity and openness to change with both children and adults who have neurological, communication and motor conditions. I see Health and ideas everywhere in my clients. Everyone has their own particular and unique dance when conditions are right.

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Shiatsu Loop

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Thursday 10.am —4.pm

Tuesday 10.am- 4.pm