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Self-care resources for staying safe and feeling well

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an evolving situation that is challenging for us all to navigate. We hope the list of resources below will support both Shiatsu Practitioners and the general public through this unusual and challenging time.

For the latest advice on returning to work, Shiatsu Society Members can refer to this article in the COVID-19 section of the Members' Portal. 

Government advice

The Shiatsu Society UK urges readers to follow the latest information and advice issued by the UK government and Public Health England, which is being updated regularly.

Resources for general well-being

  • Information on practical wellbeing including 30-03-30 approach can be found here

Additional resources

Below you will find a wide range of yoga, meditation and qi gong practices that can help to calm, boost immunity and strengthen the respiratory system. Please do share them with family, friends, colleagues and anyone else who may not be familiar with these practices. 


Your favourite resources

What self-care practices are making a big difference to you, or your clients?

Let Ruth know, so that they can be added to this page! (

Take good care of yourselves and each other, and keep washing those hands.

The Shiatsu Society x


Qi Gong 

Qigong routine to strengthen the lung with Peter Deadman

How to improve lung immunity with simple qi gong exercises

Qi gong exercises for respiratory health

The Shiatsu Society stumbled on this recent video of Chinese Medical staff practising the Ba Duan Jin (also known as the 8 Brocades). If you would like to practice this qi gong form, check out this video here

Bill Palmer's Inner Qigong classes are available to access online here with resources to help resilience and relaxation in this atmosphere of fear and unknowing. 

Terri Goddard has put together a fantastic resource document support clients during the lockdown, you can access it here


A selection of videos from popular global online yoga practitioner, Yoga with Adriene:

Yoga for anxiety 

Yoga for anxiety & stress 

Movement medicine - yoga for calm 

Yoga for tension relief 

Meditation and podcasts

Yoga with Adriene: Meditation for anxiety

Rick Hanson - Being Well Podcast: Fear in the time of Coronavirus

Empowerment and resilience 

Shiatsu Practitioner Natalie Ventilla is working with Realise Resistance, a not for profit empowering people to realise their inner resilence. Natalie has put together a range of resources to help people here

Immunity boosts

You could also try these immunity-boosting herbal teas

Here you can find information about preventing coronavirus from a macrobiotic perspective as well as acupressure points to help strengthen immunity.

Please note - these resources do not replace official medical guidance.