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Online Classes and Consultations from SSUK Practitioners

Lockdown has opened up a new range of opportunities to participate in classes online with practitioners now running classes online and teaching remotely, and with no geographical boundaries there are plenty of options available for ways to focus time positively. Here we've compiled some of the activities on offer by Shiatsu Society practitioners.  

If you'd like to be included in the list - email Ruth in the office: 

Aberdeen School of Shiatsu

Laura Davision and Martin Julich of the Aberdeen School of Shiatsu are creating short Youtube videos on giving and receiving Shiatsu and Qi Gong and meditation sessions. Check out their channel here

Lisa Abbott (L.A. Holistics) 

Self Shiatsu Support Sessions

In these sessions I will guide you by a video call (either zoom or whatsapp). After discussing your current health needs (emotionally or physically) I will firstly help you to become aware of sensing your own Qi (energy) with the use of your breath.

This will be followed with either calming or invigorating movements, stretches, stimulating acupressure points and breath work.

Distance Healing Shiatsu

A calming and healing experience. Simply contact me to let me know how you are feeling and book a time and date.

When the treatment time arrives find somewhere quiet to lie down and relax whilst I perform your treatment of Shiatsu and Reiki from afar.

Please contact Lisa for availability and pricing on all of the above. 

Sarah Allison (SJA Holistics) 

Sarah is offering the following from Goa:

  • Guided Self-Shiatsu Session (one-to-one)
  • Distance Healing with Shiatsu (one-to-one)
  • "Shiatsu at Home" Group Session (online)

See here for more about what's available and to book.

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Liz Arundel 

Liz is running a livestream on her Facebook page every Sunday at 12pm BST. She runs through 5 simple Qi Gong exercises and adds a new exercise each week. All are welcome, no experience needed and it's completely free. It can be viewed on Facebook after it's been recorded as often as you like. Access her classes on Facebook by visiting:

Kate Burford 

Kate Burford runs an hour long Do In class every Monday morning at 9.30am on Zoom. Please contact Kate by email for the link and password. 

Donations gratefully received from those who are still waged otherwise it is free.

Paula Charney

Gentle hatha yoga incorporating Do-IN Self Massage, acupressure points and TCM

Paula offers 2 online yoga classes per week on a Tuesday Yoga class 9.30am - 10.30am and a Friday Yoga class that is 11.00am - 12 noon

Please get in touch with Paula for more information and your zoom link and password. Further info at:

Call Paula on +44 748 483 9238

Online yoga and more at:

Dominic Cleary

Dominic runs a Qigong class on Wednesdays at 10-11.30 am, all are welcome. It's £8 per session, but in these difficult times people can pay what they can. Email: BACS and PayPal details on request. 

Daniela Coronelli                                                                                          
( &

  • Guided 1 to 1 Self Seiki-Shiatsu Sessions
  • 1 to 1 Seiki-Shiatsu Distant Healing
  • 1 to 1 Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety Management (full 8-week course or 1-hour sessions as needed)

Group Sessions

*Seiki-Shiatsu Monthly Group                                                                                                                     
(1st Thursday of the month 5.00pm-7.00pm) Open to shiatsu, bodywork practitioners and all would like to support their well-being by integrating Seiki-Shiatsu self-touch, movements and meditations to enhance well-being during this pandemic)

*Fortnightly Mindfulness Meditation and enquiry on-going group                    
(2nd & 4th Thursday of the month 6.30pm – 8.30 pm) Cost £10

For booking and details of zoom links and more please email Daniela here

Oliver Cowmeadow

Oliver is starting an ‘Introduction to Shiatsu’ course on May 18th, to teach how to give shiatsu to family and friends.  The course comprises of 6 x 1.5 hour classes for just £125 for all six classes. Further information can be found online here 

Karen Durham

  1. Karen offers Thrive inside classesClick here for more information.

Choose: One-to-one or group sessions in the local park or online.  Using her experience of Qi Gong, Shiatsu, martial arts and meditation, your session combines:

  • Movements (Qi Gong),
  • Hands-on techniques (Self-Shiatsu),
  • Discussion,
  • Stillness and
  • Fun of course J. 

Crucially, all these methods collaborate with your inner wisdom to heal, feel strong and be happy:  taking charge and innovating your own solutions to enhance all aspects of your life.

  1. Karen’s YouTube channel - New Qi Gong, exercises and self-growth tips utilised by Shiatsu schools, students, clients and a diverse audience for daily practice to Thrive Inside and tap into their unique potential in a challenging world

Karen is also excited to share a profoundly powerful Qi Gong movement that has arisen through her experience of the Jewel in the Corona

Please do get in touch to join or to discuss your own experiences “I value your call and am so easy to talk with”:

Terri Goddard

Terri has put together a fantastic resource document support clients during the lockdown, you can access it here

Adam Hellinger

Adam is running a chi Kung class is available via Zoom. The style of the class is based around gentle stretching exercises and development of body awareness and standing chi Kung.

There is a suggested donation of £10 with concessions available. The class runs every Tuesday evening between 18.00-19.00

Please email Adam to recieve your link to the class

Kirsty Hurd-Thomas

Qigong and Shiatsu For Self Healing- A course for women.
£40-60 for 5 sessions, booking essential. 
Starts - Thursday, January 14, 10am - 12pm 

This class is a closed group that will nurture your own feminine nature. Working specifically with forms of Qigong and Shiatsu for self healing which support women’s health we will find a deeper connection to our experience as women, and how we can help ourselves to be all that we are.,. vital, healthy, radiant women. Would you like to feel more in touch with the effect of your cycles and the world around you?

Would you like to find a way to help yourself with symptoms of women’s health such as PMT, menopausal symptoms, joint pain, anxiety and insomnia? If so come along whatever your age or experience, all women welcome. We will also be working to strengthen our immune systems, and help build our Qi so we can be strong and resilient in the face of Covid.

Each session we will use Simple Shiatsu techniques which you can use on yourself or each other, Qigong forms which work specifically with the feminine energetic, and sharing / enquiry, as ways to come closer to knowing how we are and what we need in each given moment.

Please contact Kirsty to book your place, and she will send you a Zoom link on receipt of payment.

Sally Ibbotson

Sally runs Qigong sessions, running zoom sessions and a dedicated youtube channel. Access videos on lung self care, immunity and 18 movement qigong. Sally also offers a Personal Qigong service via Zoom platform. If you would like a daily practice that is individually tailored to your needs, then please email her for details and costs.

Tasha Kalisher

Tasha is running a qigong class on a Monday at 9:30am, all are welcome, including beginners. The classes are free (a £5 donation per class gratefully recieved if you can afford it). Tasha is also offering online shiatsu treatments please visit for more information. Email to book a treatment or class.

Tracy Krikler

Shiatsu Moves Connect - Zoom Wednesday Weeklies

Self-Shiatsu – feel looser, more grounded, connected and aligned? Join Tracy in movement, stillness and breath ….. Enhance your awareness of your own resources to thrive in these times. Suitable for anyone who wants to explore, to move, strengthen and breathe to empower your health and wellbeing.

Fee: First Session is Free. Then £13 or £60 for 6 sessions (or Pay what you can). 
Dates: Weekly, Wednesdays @ 9.30 – 10.30am 

To book please contact: Tracy Krikler on 07974 437 449 or 

Pat Leeson

Ongoing Zoom Classes:

Do-In (Self Massage and Movement Class)- Friday mornings at 9.30 by donation.

A small friendly session exploring the benefits of daily self-massage and conscious movement.

Daoist Qi Gong - Tuesday mornings at 11.20 by donation.

Learning this ancient Chinese practise of self-healing through breath, body and energetic development.

email: to join or for more details.

Hannah Mackay

Online Shiatsu classes 3.30 - 4pm on Mondays. Email Hannah to get the zoom code on, or look for the events on facebook - @HannahMackayShiatsu

Tune into Hannah's Facebook Channel for a Shiatsu film with a different focus each day. Uploads include a film on knees, self shiatsu for arms and elbows, and even one around connecting with the lung and large intestine meridians. 
Watch them online at:

Barbara Medda 

Barbara is running Self-Shiatsu Supervision Appointments. The 60 min session includes a consultation, guided focusing and visual diagnosis with a range of activities to reduce stress and support your immune system. A range of appropriate exercises will be given based on focusing, breathing, Shiatsu stretches & exercises, Makko-Oh, Qigong, Do-In, Yoga, Meditation and Self-acupressure. Sessions are offered on a 'pay what you can afford' basis. Further info at: Email:

Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer's Inner Qigong classes are available to access online here with resources to help resilience and relaxation in this atmosphere of fear and unknowing. 

Zoë Pirie

Zoë has teamed up with her partner, Oliver, a German chef to deliver all of their classes and 1-2-1 sessions Online and when possible, Face to Face. Zoë offers both Distant and Guided Shiatsu Treatments Online and Oliver provides Nutrition Consultations also over the phone or via live video. Their new website has several Free Taster Classes to provide extra help during difficult times. 

Piries’ Soul Food offers On Demand Classes in short term Online Packages for a one off payment; plus recurring Weekly and Monthly Online Memberships of large Libraries of classes. You can enjoy all of these Online Classes whenever and wherever suits you, so you can savour the moment and work through them all at your own pace. 

In the Online Memberships, new classes are regularly added to both Libraries:

  1. Mindful Yoga - for Every Body: Real Yoga for Real People including Chi Gung exercises and self-Shiatsu; 2 x 30 minute classes of Mindful Yoga Revive and Relax in each week of the Library
  2. Movement & Meditation - Flowing movements from Chi Gung (similar to Tai Chi); Do-In and meridian stretches from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), self-Shiatsu and 30 minute meditations to calm and sooth 

You can currently enjoy a Free Trial Week in both of the Monthly Online Memberships so you get 5 weeks for the price of 4! 

Examples of current Online Packages:

  1. Self Care: video recordings mixing gentle exercises, relaxations, lots of shiatsu points (especially to ease anxiety and nervousness) and simple cooking tips and recipies 
  2. Autumn Harvest & Mother Nature: 2 video packages with Mindful Yoga to celebrate the season
  3. Mini-Meditations: 15 minute audio meditations suitable for beginners and experienced meditators who wish to enjoy shorter meditations than the 30 minute ones usualy in the Online Memberships

You can also enjoy Free Mini Classes on their Facebook and YouTube channels and there are concession prices for everything on the website to hopefully offer something for everyone.

Hope to see or hear from you soon! Warm wishes until then, Zoë

Facebook: @piriessoulfood
Twitter: @PiriesSoul
Instagram: piries_soul_food

Nick Pole

Nick is starting a 4-week Clean Language Advanced Course on 3rd June for Shiatsu practitioners and other mind-body therapists who already have some experience with Clean Language and would like to be part of a small, committed group to practice using Clean questions more effectively in online sessions and in working with touch. It will be live and interactive on Zoom, with contributions from guest teachers Tamsin Hartley and Madelon Sinnige. Full course details at

Nicola Ley

Nicola is running a Qigong class online aimed especially for building healthy immune systems, for our body, heart and mind! She is doing the Pre-Heaven form, her original Qigong form which she first started practicing in 1986. It covers the basic human energetic anatomy, connecting to heaven and Earth, the front and the back, the arms and the legs the three main centres body, heart and mind and it uses internal alchemy on all the three planes.

Classes are every Wednesday and Thursday at 10am. These classes are booked until the end of October.  Nicola is pleased to accept donations in return for running the classes. 

Please get in touch for the link and password.

Jane Sheehan

Jane is running yoga classes on Tuesdays at 9am and Qigong on Fridays at 10am, free but donations welcome. She is also offering individual Shiatsu/Qigong by distance or online, again for donations. Email for more info and joining details.

The Shiatsu College - Hastings

The Shiatsu College in Hastings runs a Qigong teacher training and a Yoga teacher training programme, you can find out more here. During this challenging time they are offering lots of free Qigong classes and Yoga sessions online via zoom. Find out more about the timetable of activities at


The Shiatsu Centre - Norwich

The Shiatsu College in Norwich are offering Self-Shiatsu energy-based one-to-one sessions online. The 60 minute appointments consist of a consultation, guided focusing and visual diagnosis - with a range of activities to reduce stress and support your immune system. They are offering a range of appropriate exercises based on focusing, breathing, Shiatsu stretches & exercises, Qigong, Do-In, Yoga, Meditation and Self-acupressure. For clients who are front line workers or in financial difficulties these will be delivered with a 'pay what you can afford' and no minimum fee. 

Further details can be found at: 

They also offer weekly online support classes:


This is a chance to meet up with us in a practical, fun online group class as we share some of the theory and practice of how to reduce stress and boost your immunity the Shiatsu way! Tell your friends and family - all are welcome - and be prepared to move about!

No technical expertise needed -  just register and log on with the link below to join us:



Melanie Ward

Melanie is running 1 to 1 distance shiatsu sessions and Guided self-shiatsu sessions via phone and video call.All sessions are currently offered on a 'pay as you feel' donation basis. Visit for further information. 

Elaine West 

Elaine is offering 3 types of online treatment:-

  1. Transformational dialogue/ support (supportive dialogue session to presence what is going on with the client, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, then using exploration to work with what is most relevant and needed by the client in the moment). This can be a very powerful and insightful way of working and can have profound effects to really move what’s stuck and causing imbalance and problems.
  2. Supervision / support talking through connecting into body through 3 burners (lower dantien, middle and upper burners) doing some easy guided movements and stretches to rebalance.
  3. Distance energy shiatsu / healing.
    This is done with the client using distance energy work. This can be a very powerful form of working and clients’ get feedback after the session and a copy of the session notes. This can be a very useful reference for them.
Prices £25 -£45

Visit for further information and to make a booking. 

Jenny White - Shiatsu Connects 

Jenny is running weekly Self-Care in Difficult Times classes online every Tuesday 2pm and Thursday 6pm to help to soothe, relax and connect with others. Gentle movement, Shiatsu exercises and acupressure for a range of physical and emotional conditions. These sessions are drop-in and suitable for beginners and all physical abilities. 

Self-Care in Difficult Times
Contributions via Paypal: sliding scale £5-£10 (£3 for financially challenged)
When: Tuesdays 2pm-3pm & Thursdays 6-7pm
Where: Zoom

Sign up for a Zoom link to the event


Further information about Jenny's classes and to book a One-to-one Self Shiatsu Session can be found

Matt Woods 

Matt is running 3 Qigong/Tai Chi classes a week during February on an optional donation basis. The classes incorporate both Daoyin and Do-in exercises as well as postural work and the use of sound and meditation. All levels of experience welcome.

The classes run on Mondays 9.45-11am, and Tuesdays and Fridays 10-11.15am. Further info at The Zoom link for the classes can be obtained by contacting Matt on or 07866 347183

Suzanne Yates

Has some free on line resources on her You Tube channel, including a meditation and some exercises

She has various online courses for practitioners and offers online shiatsu sessions to clients. She has been impressed by how well they are working and has written a blog on her website about this