Shiatsu Society (UK)


Statement last updated @ May 11th 2020

Shiatsu Society Statement - May 11th

Following the Government announcement on the 10th May 2020, we would like to confirm that the Shiatsu Society position has not changed. Our advice to members is to continue suspending face-to-face contact as social distancing is still required.

We continue to advise you to follow Government Guidelines and refer to the Government website.

If you are based in Scotland also check the NHS Inform Scotland and Public Health Scotland websites and for Wales see Public Health Wales.

Please be assured we are following government statements closely and will be keeping you abreast of changes as they happen.

Wishing you all patience and fortitude in these challenging times.

Shiatsu Society Board Directors


Shiatsu Society Statement - March 20th

Advice to Members to suspend face to face contact until further notice

Until now we have left decisions on continuing with clinical practice up to individual members but last night our partner organisation CNHC issued the following statement and we’ve decided that the Shiatsu Society should also take this position:

CNHC’s position is that you should suspend seeing your clients until further notice

We don’t yet know if this advice from your own professional organisation will assist you with insurance or benefit claims, any information that you can share with us would be gratefully received and disseminated

Here’s a link to current government guidelines:

Until now we have avoided a blanket suggestion to cease Shiatsu treatments because of the important role of our therapy in healthcare. There have been emails and facebook posts calling for a stronger stance from us and we do ask that you remember we are juggling our role as Directors with our personal and professional lives! We also respect your autonomy and your capacity to make individual decisions, but the landscape has changed again and we must act fairly and responsibly for the greater good

However we also recognise that this is a very serious challenge to self-employed practitioners with no alternative income stream and we’ll all be looking at ways in which we can creatively continue both to support our clients and to survive financially

We’ll be updating you regularly as the situation unfolds and meanwhile wishing you all the best of health and spirits!

Shiatsu Society Directors