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12 Days of Shiatsu

Online Shiatsu-based practices by Member Practitioners to help you through the winter months

With the physical distancing restrictions this year, many Member Practitioners have moved online to offer one-to-one or group Shiatsu classes. We know that many of you are missing the gentle compassionate touch of Shiatsu so this is a perfect way to support your own self-care.

This year we’re giving this traditional Christmas period a festive twist! You can enjoy Shiatsu online from one of 12 expert Member Practitioners, throughout December and January. 

There are a range of classes - alleviating lower back pain with acupressure, Shiatsu for women, ‘three chakras of Shiatsu’, and ‘Shiatsu for health and vitality’.

All the information you need on classes and buying tickets can be found below.

Self-Shiatsu involving practices like acupressure points, qi gong, stretching and meditation can be learned by most people. These are simple and effective ways to support your health. You may also learn skills that you can share with your friends and family too, or join a class together!

Give the gift of Shiatsu

If you’re a fan of buying experiences over ‘things’ then this is the perfect opportunity to gift a ticket to one of the sessions for another.

Choose your Online Shiatsu Event


Name Date and time (GMT) Theme of class + practices involved Joining instructions
Zoe Pirie 21st December

£9 Charitable donation

Solstice Shiatsu & Chi Gung, Mindful Yoga and Meditation to welcome the winter

Event held on Zoom, book and pay via my Website Shop - the money will be donated to Cancer Research UK. Attendees receive the link for the Live Stream by email and also a recording of the class afterwards.

Find out more here 

Sally Ibbotson

27th December 
10 -11am


A self-massage journey through the poetically-named sites and acupoints of the body with explanations of uses and functions

Contact Sally to receive your online link at

Payments are made via PayPal. 
Elaine Liechti 28th December

Suggested payment £8

Back to basics!

Simple exercises, points and positions to help with lower back pain

Further information found here 

Book by emailing Elaine at 
Hannah Mackay 31st December

This is a charity fundraiser for the Trussell Trust. When you make a donation to my JustGiving page you will receive the information to join the class.
Charitable donation, suggested £7.

Endings and beginnings - letting go of the old year and breathing into the new.

This will be an active session using movement, Do-In and self-shiatsu. We will use shiatsu techniques to get connected with our own bodies and feel resourced, using acupressure points and movement. We will connect especially with the Large Intestine and Lung meridians to help us with letting go and breathing in

 Find out more about the event on Facebook here

Or head straight to the JustGivingPage to book and  join a class here
Liz Arundel
4th January

Donation £5.
Proprioceptive exercises & Qi Gong for vitality & alignment

To register email Liz at for zoom link.

Details sent separately. For further information please visit:

Annie Cryar
4th January

Charitable donation 

Yoga and Self-Shiatsu - The Hara and Deep Belly Breathing

Enjoy a practice focusing on cultivating stillness with Hara awareness

With Annie Cryar 

Website with donation details: 

Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland 6th January

Charitable donation


A course with Bill Palmer and Terésa Hadland in aid of Fair Frome Charity.

Traditionally the 6th January is known as the Night of Misrule; when the habitual order of things was turned upside down and servants could act as the lord. This online class aims to help you change those habits that you want to let go of.  Changing habits is hard (remember all those broken New Year’s resolutions!). This is because they are etched into your body and nervous system. In this class, we are showing you how to LOOSEN your habits through playful movement experiments from Movement Shiatsu. When habits are loosened in this way, they start to change by themselves. Who knows? They might change for the better! 

All proceeds for this course will go to Fair Frome - a local charity supporting people who find themselves in poverty.

To register go to
Nicola Ley 13th January
6 -7pm

The three chakras of Shiatsu

This session is for anyone who might be interested. Practitioners and clients.

We will do some energy exercises, or Qigong and some self shiatsu.  We will connect to the body, the energy and the spirit.

Email: for more information or for the link and the details of how to donate.

Suzanne Yates Sunday 17th January
4 - 5pm

£20 for 2 people
A small percentage of this workshop will be donated to the Inga Foundation and Water Aid.

Learn to give Shiatsu to a Friend/ Partner

Shiatsu is a powerful touch based tool which can release both physical and emotional tension. It uses simple and yet effective pressure-based techniques to work with the points and energy pathways of Chinese medicine.

Simple to learn and yet effective, you can immediately start using some of its basic skills to enhance your connection with a partner or friend.

We will learn techniques for releasing tension in the shoulders, neck and lower back and some heart/emotional connections.

This course is run as a live Zoom session and you will have access to the recording for a month after the course.

You will need to have:

  • a partner to practice with
  • a comfortable space
  • a chair or an exercise ball, whichever is more comfortable
  • wear loose fitting clothing
Find out more here

Book here
Tracy Krikler 20th January

Cost: Early purchase discount £8.99, usual price £9.99

Proceeds raised today will go to support the lovely Sandun and his family in Sri Lanka. Sandun is a blind Shiatsu Practitioner I met a year ago. He has been unable to work since the March lockdown, and can no longer raise money to feed his family. 

Self Shiatsu: Where the breath goes, Qi goes.

Shiatsu uses a listening touch to connect with the Qi, our life force that supports and governs all of our bodily functions. This session will guide you in using movement and breath to bring attention to those parts of ourselves that need to release or energise.

We will use meridian stretches, acupressure points, ki gung and our very own resources of breath and attention.

This session forms part of the Shiatsu Society's "Touch for Life - 12 Days of Shiatsu

Contact for the Zoom link.

For more info and to register:"
Svenja Schaper Saturday 30th January 10-11.30am

£5- £20 all proceeds will go to OASIS a Margate/Kent based charity supporting people affected by domestic abuse and  working to end violence and abuse. 

Shiatsu for women: deep nourishment for challenging times including Do-In, Qigong and Shiatsu self massage to support vitality and inner peace. 

Start the weekend with coming into your body and explore ways to connect with yourself through breathing, gentle movement exercises and positive touch. There will be Qigong, Shiatsu self-massage and Tibetan healing sound voice work. The session concludes with a guided relaxation. Bring an open mind to explore your body-mind connection plus a Yoga mat and support cushions.

Contact Svenja by email for more information

Sarah Allison Saturday 20th February 2021 11am GMT

Charitable donation.

All proceeds will be donated to Bowel Cancer UK

Bring the Light, Spark your Energy, Brighten up


If you are feeling sluggish, finding it hard to wake up in the dark mornings or noticing your initial enthusiasm for those new year’s resolutions waning, then this is the class for you!


The session will cover: 

  1. Do-In, a form of compassionate touch that can help you to wake up first thing in the morning 
  2. Self-massage using acupressure points to give your legs a boost
  3. Stretches that can open your meridians (energy channels) and get your Ki (energy) flowing
  4. A simple Qi Gong form that will help you bring in heaven’s light and earth’s grounding energies
  5. Foods recommended by Chinese Medicine for sustainable energy levels

Contact Sarah by email for further information:

Donate via PayPal – Sarah will send the Zoom link for the class.


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See this Blog in the Members Portal for guidance and free resources about taking your Shiatsu online.

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