Shiatsu Society (UK)

Student Member

Benefits of being a student member-

  • You will be a part of our Shiatsu Society community.
  • You will recieve our Enewsletters and quarterly Journal.
  • You can join our closed FaceBook group to discuss all things Shiatsu with fellow members across the UK.
  • You will have access to a library of resources.
  • You will have access to discounts on books, futons and other essential Shiatsu related products.

Route for student membership  

Free Guest Membership

All new students (from both Ratified and non Ratified Schools) may contact the Shiatsu Society and gain FREE Guest Student Member status stating the school you are to be registered with. This free Guest Student Membership is available from when you enrol on the first year of your Shiatsu training course (at any point after 1st August), and will be valid until the 31st December of the same year. If you start your course in January you will also get a free period - please be in touch with to find out more. 

Student Beginner

Student Beginner membership runs from 1st January until you have completed your Year 1 course. Current cost £24, payable by DD £2 per month. Please note that Student Beginner membership does not include insurance to practise Shiatsu. 

Student Advanced

When you enter the 2nd Year of Shiatsu training your School will notify the Shiatsu Society that you are now a Student Advanced member, which includes insurance provided by the Shiatsu Society. 

The Shiatsu Society will contact you to provide additional information required for insurance purposes, and to increase your DD to £6.50 per month.  If you practise other low risk therapies you can contact Balens directly via your member dashboard to include these in your policy (additional charge £17).  Student Advanced membership continues through your 3rd year of training.  

Advanced Students graduating from a Ratified School are eligible to go automatically onto the MrSS Register. Your Shiatsu School will notify the Shiatsu Society of your graduation.

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