Shiatsu Society (UK)


If you are simply interested in Shiatsu, would like to be part of our community and receive our newsletters and quarterly Shiatsu Society Journal, would like to join our closed Facebook and be kept informed of workshops and events, then you can join as an Associate. Everyone is welcome. Associates do not have voting rights at General Meetings.

If you graduated from an overseas Shiatsu School, or from a non-Ratified School within the UK, including those of the Namikoshi-based style or Masunaga-based style of Shiatsu, you can join the Shiatsu Society (UK) as an Associate. 

We will endeavour to find a tailored path for you to fulfil the requirements for becoming a Shiatsu Society Registered Practitioner, should you wish to do this. We call this the Inclusion Route. We welcome Shiatsu practitioners from any background and will support you in developing your career and gaining greater professional recognition. Please find out more about our Progression Routes here.

As an Associate you will also benefit from discounts on books, futons and other products related to the practice of Shiatsu.  

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